Biden falls at US Air Force Academy graduation ceremony: ‘I got sandbagged!’

President Joe Biden stumbled on stage at the graduation ceremony of the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado on Thursday.

Biden, who delivered the commencement address, quickly received assistance from Secret Service agents and an Air Force officer who helped him back to his feet. As he stepped away from the podium to shake hands with the graduates, he accidentally stumbled and fell near the podium.

The President, upright and unassisted, continued to greet and stand to acknowledge the people for the remainder of the ceremony.

According to pool reporters accompanying him, once he stood up, he gestured towards it and seemed to stumble over a black sandbag that was being utilized to stabilize his teleprompter.

Videos of the occurrence spread on the internet while Ben LaBolt, the communications director of the White House, posted on Twitter “He’s okay. There was a sack of sand on the platform while he was greeting people.”

Biden did not answer any questions as he got on Air Force One after the lengthy commencement.

As per the journalists accompanying Biden, Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House spokesperson, also mentioned that Biden is “completely okay” as she embarked on Air Force One.

Afterwards, upon returning to the White House, Biden exclaimed, “I was caught off guard!” As journalists yelled inquiries regarding his well-being.

He tried to appear okay and show that he was doing a bit of walking inside, but he didn’t add anything beyond that.

If he were to win again in 2024, he would reach the age of 86 by the conclusion of his second term. He holds the distinction of being the oldest president currently in office. Biden’s age and physical condition have played a role in his bid for reelection.

A recent poll conducted by ABC News/Washington Post found that 33-62% of Americans believed that Biden’s efforts to improve health were not effective enough.

Biden, when asked about his age after announcing his candidacy again, stated that it will ultimately be the voters’ decision to determine “whether or not I possess it or do not possess it.”

In April, Bruce Mary, the Chief Correspondent of ABC’s White House, informed me about the prospects. I feel excited and good about it, so I decided to run. Before making the decision, I carefully examined the situation and gave it a thorough consideration.

Former President Donald Trump also stated that if he were elected, he would campaign in Iowa during the fall, just like Biden did in the 80s.

In 2020, when he was at the U.S. Military Academy, Point West, he mentioned that his experience there made him cautious about criticism. He said that if you even tiptoe down the ramp at the academy, it’s a crazy thing to do but he hopes it doesn’t hurt you.

“At the Air Force Academy? That’s not motivating,” Trump included.

When addressing the graduates, Biden commended their accomplishments thus far as he outlined the obstacles that await them.

As the leader and protector of our country, I am privileged to be present here. Today is a day of celebration and you have rightfully deserved it. “Moreover, you possess the most exceptional armed forces in the entirety of human history,” he declared.

He continued, “Even if you have asked for more, you will come to realize it in the years to come.” You have already gained experience beyond your years and will even be challenged further. You will also take on greater responsibilities.