Blueface Claims He Took Plea Deal To Stop Chrisean Rock Going To Prison

Blueface has once again aired out his ex-pregnant girlfriend, claiming that he took a plea deal in his Las Vegas shooting case so that she could avoid time behind bars.

After the act of aggression, which the proprietor later expressed that he was compelled to shut down his establishment, the rapper known as “Thotiana” (whose real name is Johnathan Jamall Porter) confessed on Monday (June 26) to a single felony charge of firing a gun into a vehicle occupied by someone, and one minor assault offense connected to a shooting incident outside a strip club in Las Vegas.

In order to safeguard Rock from imprisonment, Blueface claimed that his plea agreement was, but in the interim, he utilized his Instagram Stories to officially submit the plea on July 3.

Alexis Jaidyn is the name of the person who is in the picture. The Rock kids are ready to drive with me, but unfortunately, I am stuck in another state. If I were stuck in my house, I would let her stay. There is no warrant for her arrest, and I believe that all the charges against Rock were taken because I am only under house arrest. He wrote these stories on Instagram.

He later included: “I mentioned that I will agree to the settlement [and] admit my wrongdoing because her name is prominently implicated in the case.”

Blueface is likely referring to an alleged assault that took place at the Resort Casino Palms in May, involving his soon-to-be mother of his baby. According to a police report obtained by TMZ, Rock reportedly approached the woman and congratulated her on her pregnancy before members of their entourage, including Blueface, allegedly accused the woman of assaulting them inside the casino.

Now my version of the story goes like this: Allegedly, Rock caused the woman to be ill by speaking ill of her. In response, Blueface threw some shots and supposedly punched the woman in the face, exclaiming, “Fuck him.” Then, according to reports, Blueface turned and allegedly stole the woman’s phone, putting it in his pocket. Blueface reportedly said, “This is mine now.”

After attending a court hearing for the previously mentioned shooting accusation, Blue was apprehended and charged with felony robbery in Las Vegas earlier this month. The couple, who have a tumultuous relationship, have also been recently engaged in intense arguments.

“Great, because that guy is pure evil,” she stated, referencing the fact that she was relieved she didn’t go home and encounter him. Astute fans were able to detect Rock’s voice in the video’s background, prompting one of her associates to go live on Instagram. Meanwhile, Chrisean Rock remained publicly silent regarding her boyfriend’s recent arrest.

Blueface heard about his friend Rock’s remarks and replied on Instagram after he was released from police custody.

“Only time will reveal who was truly reliable. I am acquainted with the individual and she deserves all the effort I put into our relationship,” he expressed on his Instagram Story. “You all can choose to believe the sad narrative she shares with you constantly.”