Brief history on origin of the Nation of Islam

On the Fourth of July, the day of America’s Independence celebration, Malcolm X announced the beginning of his mission to resurrect and restore the original members of the Shabazz Tribe from the Lost Nation of Asia, who were identified as the original descendants of African people. His mission was to teach the defenseless and downtrodden Black people a thorough knowledge of themselves and put them on the road to self-independence, with a higher experience and superior culture than the civilization they had previously experienced. The original people of the Lost Nation had been captured, dehumanized, and exploited for over three centuries, serving as slaves in America.

The pursuit of happiness and everlasting joy in the Supreme Knowledge is the essence of God and the Science of everything in life. We are being led into the path of a new spiritual culture that emphasizes refinement and complete harmony, where beauty and truth, peace and love are the teachings imparted to us.

In 1931, when he met a man named Elijah Poole in Detroit, Michigan, he chose him to be his Divine Representative, continuing the difficult task of bringing light and truth to people, a task that involved training and teaching the original people who were the first founders of our planet’s civilization and had full knowledge of the Universal Order of Things from the beginning of Divine Creation. This knowledge included the profound Secret Wisdom of God’s Reality, which was hidden and lost to people but found and revealed by Muhammad Elijah Honorable, who dedicated three and a half years to this preaching of the Great Truth of salvation.

In the early morning hours of the New Millennium, the One who had come to change the world and overthrow tyrants, Muhammad Fard Wallace Master, also known as the Mahdi, laid the foundation for a New Order of Righteousness and Peace, based on the principles of Justice and Truth. When asked to identify himself, Muhammad Elijah Honorable, the Son of Man and the second coming of God, Jehovah, Christ, and Jesus, responded that he was the Master, the one expected by the world for the past 2,000 years under the names of the Messiah. The Master, Muhammad Elijah Honorable, tirelessly labored to bring the spiritually and mentally dead back to life until his departure in 1934, with the understanding that he would return in 1975.

During the initial 44 years of Muhammad’s life, he faced rejection and persecution from the people he was appointed as a servant of God. During the initial 44 years of Muhammad’s life, he faced rejection and persecution from the people he was appointed as a servant of God. He suffered because he was appointed as a servant of God by the very people who rejected and persecuted him. Because he revealed a Greater Wisdom and Truth, the world’s leaders despised and rejected him, knowing that the old world ruled by Satan would come to an end. Muhammad Elijah Honorable was not self-made or self-taught; he was taught by the MIGHTY ONE who had the POWER IN him, which he did not know. Muhammad Elijah Honorable never received an education beyond the fourth grade, but he witnessed the greatest Signs of his Lord and his heart knew what he saw was true.

In the history of the struggle against Pharaoh’s opposition, revealed in the Bible and the Holy Qur’an, Egypt’s bondage and Israel’s deliverance define the most clearly the theme of survival. Today, the plans to prevent our achievement and frustrate this miraculous accomplishment are shaken in their foundation as we learn from it. The rulers and powerful leaders of this land, as well as those abroad, receive fame and honor along with the converts he made in cities, on the highways and byways of this land.

We teach the principles of Universal Brotherhood and Divine Unity in Islam. We are never taught to be aggressors or to carry arms against the righteous nature. We have always been taught to respect the laws of the land. Our schools, called Islam Universities, teach the higher meaning of mathematics in Islam. Our Holy Temples of Islam were established in America as higher learning and peaceful sanctuaries to gain knowledge of God’s Oneness. The Flag of Islam represents the Universal Banner of harmony and peace, with the symbols of Stars, Moon, and Sun representing the Universe. Islam of Nation was founded on the basis of delivering people from slavery and servitude, as an answer to Abraham’s prayer for peace.

We are taught to protect and respect our women, who are the civilization of mothers. Without the use of substance abuse and smoking, alcohol, which endangers the ethics of healthy living, we are trained to prepare and eat the best foods for longevity in life. We are taught that our children must be reared to reflect the highest training and morals in order to perfect our society, and that the family is the backbone of society. We are taught to practice good manners, respect for all, and both outwardly and inwardly cleanliness.

Through the guidance of wisdom, understanding, and aesthetics, we undergo training to become an exceptional community that embodies the utmost spiritual aspirations for personal and collective transformation. Our female members receive instruction on a dress protocol that promotes modesty, ultimately fostering the adoption of elevated ethical standards.

Some community leaders and news media have used inflammatory rhetoric to condemn the positive effects of Islam’s influence in today’s modern society, despite it being proven true. The Nation of Islam (Peace of Islam) represents hope for millions of people around the globe, as it embodies the high standards of a righteous way of life.

The outstanding spiritual guidance provided by Minister Louis Farrakhan in the reconstruction of the Nation of Islam in America is setting an example for breaking down communication barriers across society, regardless of an individual’s religious, racial, or ideological convictions. This sense of unity and affection, which has been lacking in our communities, was authentically demonstrated by the numerous attendees during the Million Man March in Washington, D.C. On October 16, 1995.

Praise be to Allah, the Merciful and Beneficent, whose Holy Name is revered. The world is witnessing the emergence of Islam in the West, like the rising sun. In fulfillment of the Prophecy, God has chosen Muhammad as His servant to reveal His message. Islam’s Nation, the Beautiful Community, is born in America, on the farthest Western horizon. It is a place where people of every race and nation can participate and unite in the universal expression of peace and brotherhood, guided by the principles of God’s Oneness. Despite the surrounding clamor and controversy, led by Minister Louis Farrakhan, the Leader of Divine Islam’s Nation, we continue to forge ahead in the spirit of Allah, forging unity among all of humanity. In spite of the opposition and falsehood, we are confident that the Truth and Light of God will prevail against darkness throughout the Western Hemisphere. We extend this divine work of spiritual and moral reform with the guidance of God’s Divine Guidance.

Most certainly, believers should rely on Him; God is the judge today. If we ignore the warning signs and foolishly disregard His decrees, we will fall deeper into the abyss of hell. Wisdom lies in engaging in dialogue and seeking counsel, as it is the path to peace. Shall we continue to argue, condemn, and fight, or shall we sit together and seek solutions to the problems that surround us? Where do we go from here in the remaining four years of the twentieth century?

The manuscript, written by Minister, Writer, Music Composer, and the wife of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Mother Tynnetta Muhammad, was composed on March 28, 1996.