Bunnie XO Pens Sweet Message To Husband Jelly Roll After He Reigns King At 2023 CMT Music Awards

He took off his belt and went home by night, but not just that. He also took home his very first award at the fan-voted ceremony, but not only that, he also performed his current single “Favor A Need” at the CMT Music Awards 2023, where Jelly Roll, the genre-bending artist, is still being celebrated following an epic night.

“The song “Son of a Sinner” served as his first-ever single to land on the top spot of Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart and later on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart. This achievement earned him several prestigious awards at the most coveted awards ceremony, including the Year’s Performance Digital-First, Video Breakthrough Male of the Year, and Male Video of the Year. The 38-year-old native of Tennessee claimed all these honors for his chart-topping hit.”

Roll Jelly declared in one of his acceptance speeches, “I assure you, you have the capability to become whatever you aspire to be. Sweetheart!” “Furthermore, I am currently present at the CMT Awards, holding the award for the best male music video of the year. I explicitly informed them that my ambition was to pursue a career as a country singer.”

“Come on, darling!” Makes it seem insignificant and God accomplishes the unimaginable. This is for the ones who are defeated and those who lack, baby! This is for the ones who are underestimated, for this is. Bunnie’s wife, XO, shared on TikTok, another speech by him.

Amongst the individuals, Jelly Roll’s journey to achieving fame in the country music industry is quite extraordinary considering the fact that he has primarily spent his formative years in and out of the juvenile system – a trend that often takes a long time to overcome for many individuals. However, Jelly Roll, who initially started his career as a rapper by collaborating with musicians such as Lil Wyte and Haystak, discovered his true identity by combining different genres. Individuals from all walks of life have been deeply affected by his genuineness and approach to creating songs, which serve as inspiration for those battling with pain and addiction. Undoubtedly, his music has resonated deeply with many.

In the realm of country music, Bunnie XO, Jelly Roll’s wife, was also deeply touched and inspired by her famous husband’s talent for captivating audiences and pushing boundaries. This was evident when she joined Jelly Roll at the CMT Music Awards.

Her husband also refers to her as XO Bunnie, and she is shocked to see a photo in which she and her husband are included inside the Moody Center in Austin, Texas. She is proud of her accomplishments and expresses her love for Roll Jelly, the successful model and host of the podcast Blonde Dumb. She shares this on Facebook.

XO Bunnie began her message with praise, stating that every time he turned the corner, he managed to come out on top and surprise Nashville with his hits. She emphasized that this man was someone who constantly defied expectations and deviated from the normal or standard, making him an anomaly. Additionally, she mentioned that half of her sweetness comes from him, highlighting the unique connection they share.

She continued, “Here, you were sent to trail the blaze and destroy stereotypes for the have-nots. In short, you are the game changer. With your voice, you will set examples for the future and break generational traumas, touching the souls of the broken, moving mountains, and spreading light. It’s not that you have a horseshoe stuck up your a**, I always tell you.”

What we can’t wait to see next. The church brought them and filled their hearts with love. It has been your year, if we are being honest. Tonight was your night. The melancholy maestro, the pied piper of lost souls. I stand in awe of you – as usual tonight, I’m proud to say “After all these years – I’m proud to say how redundant you have been.”