Cameron Robbins’ parents break silence after 18-year-old jumps off Bahamas party boat

Shari and William Robbins, both 54, parents of Cameron, had made updates following the tragic incident to keep people aware of their kind-hearted and funny son’s impact. The New York Post told that, ahead of the service, they were speaking from their home.

“Perhaps we will have the opportunity to converse further in the future,” Ms Robbins informed the Post. “We are grateful for your call. Currently, we are simply grieving the loss of our son.”

“We value the support of each and every individual,” Mr Robbins also mentioned.

Louisiana State University functions as a component of the educational institution, in which the teenager also participated in the sport of baseball. According to Kevin George, the Director of the University Lab School, the teenager had been enrolled in Cameron for a duration of 13 years, as reported to WAFB.

Mr. George wrote, “As we navigate through this challenging time, we want to assure you that additional counselors will be available on campus to speak with faculty, students, and the Robbins family who are struggling with the news. The entire school community is feeling concerned and we understand the importance of expressing our thoughts and worries.”

The school did not organize the graduation trip.

According to his obituary, Cameron was not only an accomplished athlete but also a big star in the country music scene, loved by many.

“…Although he departed this world prematurely, he led a life brimming with close companions and relatives.” “He exhibited remarkable resilience as an athlete, overcoming numerous injuries, recognized for persisting through dislocated shoulders and fractured hands. His aspiration was to pursue his baseball journey at the collegiate level,” expressed the homage.

Jonathan Chia, a representative of Revenge’s Blackbeard Ltd, stated in a provided statement to The Independent that Cameron went overboard at approximately 40.9 pm local time in Montagu Bay, off the island of Athol in the Bahamas.

The footage showed individuals urging Cameron to grab the buoy and throw him into the water. After moments, the video captured Cameron jumping into the water, as passengers on the sunset cruise yelled at him while he swam around the vessel.

Mr. Chia stated, “The crew executed the protocol ‘overboard’ in line with all approved safety policies and procedures to ensure the best chance of retrieving the individual who has gone overboard.”

After the US Coast Guard concluded their search efforts on May 27th, in coordination with the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, anyone seeking new contact information for District Seven watchstanders can reach them at 305-415-6800. The US Coast Guard crews searched over 325 square miles.

A crowdfunding campaign has been initiated to support Cameron’s family as they cope with the consequences of the challenging circumstance.