Celine Dion ‘thrilled’ as she shares new update amid life-altering health battle

On various social networking platforms, Celine Dion continues to enjoy engaging with her dedicated followers; however, she has chosen to maintain a relatively discreet presence ever since she received a diagnosis of stiff person syndrome towards the end of 2022.

Amid her debilitating health, the 55-year-old shared the news that she was “thrilled” to welcome another famous face into the Paris L’Oréal family. This comes after it was announced that Kendall Jenner, the model who has been a global spokesperson for the brand since 2019, reshared a photo of herself on her Instagram Stories, fronting the new Paris L’Oréal campaign.

In the image, Celine sported a comparable hoodie to Kendall’s oversized one, featuring the brand’s “I’m Worth It” slogan prominently displayed on the front.

LOrealParisFamily #Reveal #NewAmbassador #Worthit. – The caption accompanying the stunning photo read, “Thrilled to have the incredible @kendalljenner join the @lorealparis family!” As Team Celine used the mentioned hashtags.

In 2019, Celine expressed to Harper’s Bazaar that she never anticipated such a turn of events, particularly at the age of 51. Celine truly understands Kendall’s emotions regarding her recent collaboration, as the renowned singer herself couldn’t contain her excitement to inspire others when she became the ambassador for the Excellence Hair Color range. Celine can truly empathize with Kendall’s sentiments about this new partnership.

Society is placing a great deal of pressure on us, women, which we are all grappling with. I wanted to genuinely believe in it, especially because I had thought about it seriously. Before agreeing to it, she thoughtfully deliberated on collaborating with the major players in the beauty industry, as Celine had explained.

I feel honored to become a global ambassador for the brand and represent women from all around the world. Paris L’Oréal provides women with plenty of tools to fulfill themselves, have a strong voice, and feel good.

Celine has remained relatively quiet about her condition since the first news sharing in December 2022, while giving hope to fans that she might return to the spotlight one day. Recently, her sister Claudette has also remained relatively quiet about her.

According to Journaldesfemmes.Fr, Celine, who appeared on the Quebec TV show Bonsoir Bonsoir, is known for her diligent work ethic and strong determination in managing her symptoms.

Claudette informed host Jean-Philippe Wauthier, “We’re all keeping our fingers crossed, and I’m pleased that individuals are worried.” She included, “It can’t be a narrative like this. She is putting in a lot of effort, and we are certain that we will prevail.”

In a statement, she said, “Even when you’re 100 percent, touring can still be very difficult, but I’m really working hard to build my strength back.” Following several postponements after Claudette’s diagnosis, Celine made the difficult decision to cancel her world tour completely.

Once again, I apologize for disappointing all of you. I’m truly sorry. It’s not fair to you, I understand. I’m really ready to be back on stage, but unfortunately, we have to cancel everything for now. It’s the best decision, even though it breaks my heart and shows that we need to keep postponing. It’s not fair to you, I know. I can’t wait to see you again, and I’m not giving up. You can ask me anything, I’m here to answer all your questions.