Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell: Inside the close bond they shared

The world of music suffered the loss of two rock legends – Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington – in close succession.

The spokesman for the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office told ABC news on Friday that the death of Bennington is being investigated as a suicide by hanging.

As per Ed Winter, a representative for the coroner’s office, the conclusive reason for the demise will not be verified until the post-mortem examination is finished.

The previous frontman of Linkin Park was 41 years of age.

In May, the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s office reported that Cornell, the former lead singer of Soundgarden, tragically ended his own life.

Bennington passed away on the day that would have marked Cornell’s 53rd birthday.

In the wake of their deaths, fans have highlighted the close bond between the two rockers by posting videos of them performing together, as well as sharing tributes to each other, including an open letter posted by Cornell at the time of Bennington’s death.

In the 1990s, Soundgarden had a significant impact on the grunge movement. At that time, Cornell had been a prominent figure in rock music for most of ten years. Shortly after Linkin Park achieved great success with their first album “Hybrid Theory,” Cornell and Bennington developed a close relationship while touring together in the mid-2000s.

Throughout that tour from 2007 to 2008, the undeniable chemistry between the two singers was evident on stage.

On Thursday, Cornell and Bennington posted a video on social media where they sang “Strike Hunger,” the song from the Dog Temple, originally done by Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam. In the second verse, Bennington fills in for the vocals, and as he walks out, the two embrace each other fully.

In the same tour, Cornell reciprocated, participating in Linkin Park’s popular song “Crawling,” along with other collaborative performances.

After Cornell’s passing on May 18, Bennington penned a heartfelt public letter to his dear friend.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life, sending my love to your family and friends, children, and wife. I can’t imagine a world without you… I wrote, “You are what’s supposed to understand me.” Your voice wrapped up all the heartache and love, forgiveness and anger, pain and joy. Your talent was unrivaled and pure, I could never have known the many ways you inspired me. I have shared very special moments with your beautiful family, feeling both gratitude and sadness. I’m still weeping as I think of you, flooded with thoughts of you in my mind.

“Jimmy Kimmel Live,” where Bennington commenced the show by honoring his departed companion, Linkin Park took the stage on the evening of May 18.

“Following the unfortunate demise of Chris Cornell, our beloved comrade, in view of this circumstance, we opted to perform our composition, ‘One More Light’ … Our affection for you, Chris, knows no bounds,” Bennington conveyed to the crowd. “Initially, our intention was to commence with the rendition of ‘Heavy’.”

“Who cares when someone’s light goes out,” sang Bennington, bowing his head down before ending the song.

Mike Shinoda, the bandmate of Linkin Park, spoke to Jimmy Kimmel on Radio.Com after Bennington’s death and explained how much it affected Cornell’s performance.

During that moment, Shinoda expressed, “I simply couldn’t complete the song.” He paused towards the end, feeling like he had missed the last couple of lines. Whether it was taped for TV or performed live, we played the entire song. However, he struggled to get through it, choking up and only making it halfway. He just couldn’t finish the song, as if he had missed the last couple of lines and stopped towards the end. Even when we were doing a sound check, he was getting choked up and struggling to make it through.

According to the Associated Press, Bennington was also the godfather of Cornell’s child and performed at Cornell’s commemorative ceremony.

The families of the men have also remained close.

On Thursday, Vicky Cornell, the widow of Bennington, tweeted about the confirmed death of Bennington, saying “I couldn’t break my heart any more when I thought about how much I love you.”

A spokesperson for the Cornell family said, “They loved him and all those who share in the sorrow, and the family opened their loving arms to Chester’s family.” “The Cornell family is deeply saddened by the tragic news about Chester Bennington, which comes shortly after their own family’s loss.”