‘Chilling’ video shows the moment a lithium-ion battery started a fire at NY supermarket

A scooter’s lithium-ion battery caused a five-alarm fire at a supermarket in New York on Sunday, resulting in injuries to seven individuals.

Laura Kavanagh, fire chief of the New York City Fire Department, mentioned in a Facebook update that all individuals are in a stable condition, except for five firemen, one emergency medical services (EMS) personnel, and one civilian who sustained injuries.

The footage ends before the fire consumes the room. Over time, the individual flees from the camera’s sight and the flames grow larger. Someone attempts to relocate objects and a fire erupts within the grocery store.

The call came in at 10:41 a.M. On Sunday, bringing over 200 members of the EMS and Fire departments to the scene before the blaze was under control.

In an online statement, Kavanagh stated, “There is immense devastation. This entire building behind me has been completely obliterated. The roof has collapsed. There is nothing remaining.”

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Prior to the outbreak of the fire, the fire department issued a cautionary message regarding the batteries.

“Stated Captain Michael Kozo of the fire department’s Fire Safety Education Unit, ‘The occurrence of fires resulting from lithium ion batteries has significantly risen in New York City, leading to fatal outcomes.'”

According to Kozo, the rechargeable batteries are commonly found in electric bikes, scooters, cars, laptops, tablets, phones, and other everyday household items.

The batteries have the potential to reignite and swiftly propagate, sparking volatile and hostile fires as a result of incorrect charging, storage, or disposal, and impaired batteries can lead to excessive heat.

Kozo provided a list of preventative measures to avoid fires like these. Some of the tips include:

  • Avoid keeping bicycles or motor scooters close to entrances or windows that obstruct exits.
  • Please do not leave your devices unattended while they are charging.
  • Avoid charging devices overnight.
  • Only buy devices listed by a certified testing laboratory.
  • Please avoid charging electronic devices on pillows, beds, or couches.
  • Only utilize manufacturer power cables and batteries manufactured specifically for the device.
  • Store batteries or devices at normal room temperature and keep them away from direct sunlight and any flammable objects.
  • If you notice any odd noises or leaks, changes in color or shape, or an unusual odor or battery overheating, stop using the device.
  • Kozo emphasized that it is both unlawful and hazardous to dispose of lithium-ion batteries in the garbage or recycling bins. He suggested visiting www.Nyc.Gov/batteries for appropriate disposal guidelines or taking them to a designated battery recycling facility.

    New York City Mayor: ‘This is a genuine problem’

    Mayor Eric Adams visited the scene and released a video statement about the fire, describing how difficult it was to extinguish the fire and how “shocking” the battery explosion was.

    He stated, “This is a legitimate problem.” “In order to persist, we do not desire this…”. If they are misplaced or incorrect batteries are utilized, electric bikes can be exceedingly hazardous, yet they are excellent for leisure activities.