Chloe Grace Moretz talks meme with altered photo of her likening her to Family Guy cartoon

Chloe Grace Moretz has admitted that a viral mocking meme made her withdraw from the spotlight and deal with her anxiety.

Her experience with body dysmorphia led to an online prank in which her image was modified to resemble a tall-legged character from Family Guy. The 25-year-old Carrie actress shared this with Hunger magazine.

She expressed to the media outlet, “I can’t change the fact that my body is being used as a joke and I think it’s something I’m constantly reminded of while sitting there, just thinking about it.”

On social media platforms, a cartoon persona named Griffin was seen carrying a pizza into the next hotel, with Chloe’s image posted way up on legs.

The actress was informed by the publication about the widely spread memes of the 2016 snap. This photo, in which the actress’s short torso and long legs were manipulated, became one of the most popular memes from the TV show “Guy Family” character.

In the actual scene, Chloe appeared stylish in black shorts and black high heels that showcased her physique.

“They were like, ‘It’s amusing, please be quiet,’ and I discussed it with someone. Although my body was mocking everyone, Moretz clarified.”

Speaking about the first time I publicly remember sitting there and thinking, “I can’t change something that’s being used as a joke, it’s about who I am and my body,” she added, referring to a post on Instagram.

Consequently, the fair-haired attractiveness expressed that she turned into a ‘hermit.’

‘Even now, when I encounter that meme, it remains a challenging obstacle for me to conquer,’ she confessed.

Said that she experienced a sense of melancholy from the encounter, which made her uneasy about being in the presence of others.

She observed, ‘However, it also caused me great anxiety when I was captured in photographs, as I had numerous experiences that were not captured by others.’ My heart rate would increase and I would hyperventilate.

‘She elaborated, sharing that it added a layer to something she once found pleasure in – the act of dressing up and attending events – where she would pose on a red carpet and have her picture taken. However, this layer brought about intense self-awareness.’

Derived from the challenges presented by social media is body dysmorphia — a phenomenon we all grapple with in today’s society, I believe. It’s a mind-boggling experience.

Now I feel like a woman. I’m a very different girl than I was,” Moretz said. “To say the least, these past two years have been transformative. Speaking generally, it’s fair to say that the last 24 months have been quite transformative.”

Chloe’s reflection was featured in the Celebrity Edition of the magazine, alongside other notable figures such as Travis Barker and Lili Reinhart who were also interviewed.

In 2018, Chloe candidly discussed the challenges of body perception in the entertainment industry during an interview.

She became aware of the size of her breasts suddenly when she was 16 years old. It was during the filming of a movie set, where she discovered a pair of silicone fillers placed in her trailer. This is when she started to feel anxious and became more conscious of her breast size.

Talking to the Sunday Times Style Magazine, she said: ‘I was, like: where did these come from? Those little things were insidious.

Perhaps I am unhappy with the size of my breasts: consider and ask yourself if you can still internalize them, even if you can brush them off.

The actress, who has been in the public eye since she was seven-years-old, admitted it had been a real struggle at times.

She stated, ‘The individuals who are not genuine are individuals I have been contrasting myself with.’ ‘I have had to observe Hollywood throughout my entire existence.’

Besides her acting career, Chloe has made news for her romantic relationship with Brooklyn Beckham.

During that identical month, the pair publicly appeared together for the first time at the Teen Choice Awards. In August 2014, the revelation of Moretz and Beckham’s romantic involvement became known.

The couple were continuously separating and reconciling before officially ending their relationship in August 2016.

Brooklyn is now married to actress Nicola Peltz, 27, with the pair tying the knot in a lavish ceremony in April 2022.