Chris Watts Buried Shanann Away From Daughters Because He ‘Hated Her So Much,’ Author And Pen Pal Says

At that precise instant, he “detested her to such a great extent” because he concealed his spouse Shanann’s corpse apart from the corpses of their offspring, an author and correspondent of infamous family murderer Chris Watts reveals he shared his secret with her.

On Friday night, Lifetime aired the premiere of “Cellmate Secrets: Chris Watts,” which showcased the featured “Letters from Christopher: The Tragic Confessions of the Watts Family Murders,” written by author Cheryln Cadle.

According to the show’s official statement, Cadle developed an interest in Chris during his trial and initiated a correspondence with him, eventually leading to an in-person meeting where he purportedly disclosed more information to her than he did to the FBI.

He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole; it was evident that he had an affair before ultimately pleading guilty to their murders and being arrested after the bodies were discovered: soon after, the facade crumbled but he attempted to play the role of a concerned husband and father whose family had gone missing. Then, he strangled his wife Shanann, who was 15 weeks pregnant with their son, and smothered their young daughters Celeste and Bella inside their Colorado home before killing his entire family in August 2018, as established by court documents and investigator interviews.

Chris gave a chilling, five-hour interview to the FBI, describing in horrific detail how he suffocated his children after Shanann strangled him. This detailed the killing of his family, leading to his conviction and guilty plea, with the outcome of a backfire.

Cadle claims that during a prison visit, Chris informed her that he had administered oxycodone to Shanann weeks prior to her tragic demise. According to Cadle, she reveals to the producers of “Cellmate Secrets” that Chris has shared even more unsettling information with her throughout their ongoing correspondence. However, the situation has now changed.

She stated, “He attempted to intoxicate Shanann with a substantial quantity of it. His intention was for her to suffer a miscarriage.”

According to Shanann, Cadle’s alleged attempt was unsuccessful. She said that if his wife wasn’t pregnant, it would have been easier for him to cheat, and he also mentioned that he never wanted the baby.

Cadle’s claims have not been independently verified.

Allegedly, Chris claimed that he planned to act ahead of time and didn’t want his mother to hear him murder their mother. He allegedly went into the girls’ bedroom and attempted to smother them while Shanann slept, after she returned from a business trip. He also wrote a letter confessing to her that he had sex with Shanann and allegedly confessed to attempting to murder his two daughters in their bedroom, according to Cadle’s statement.

Cadle stated, “this statement angered him to the point of murdering her right then and there, even though he supposedly believed the girls were already deceased.” Shanann supposedly replied that if he were to terminate their marriage, he would never lay eyes on his daughters again. As per Cadle, that’s the identical account he provided to the FBI, while he didn’t confess to being unfaithful, Chris informed Shanann that he no longer had affection for her. Cadle mentioned, “The father believed both Bella and Celeste were deceased as he entered the bedroom he shared with his spouse and engaged in a dispute with her regarding their failing relationship.”

During the show, Cadle divulges that Chris told her at one point that Shanann drugged him and that he changed his story to say he didn’t have another correspondence that night.

“She stated that there was no indication of any resistance on her part,” she expressed. “I am convinced that she would have put up a fight, and there was no evidence of any resistance whatsoever,” Shanann was a lively and determined woman. “Therefore, I am uncertain about the truth in that matter, but I believe he administered drugs to her once more.”

Chris drove his dead wife and two children, who were still alive, to an oil site where he fatally smothered them before stuffing them into shallow graves in the well.

Cadle inquired the murderer as to why his spouse could not be with her own kids, even in the afterlife.

“He stated that he simply wanted to move them as distant from Shanann as he could,” she expressed.

The author expressed his intense dislike for her, stating that he was filled with overwhelming anger towards Shanann at that particular moment, and desired for the children to be separated from their mother.