Congresistas en EEUU presentan reforma migratoria que incluye pagos para acceder a estatus legal

On Tuesday, a new proposal for immigration reform was presented at the US Capitol by a bipartisan group of representatives, aiming to decrease the arrival of migrants at the southern border while providing legal pathways for approximately 12 million undocumented immigrants in the country.

As per María Elvira Salazar, the proposer of the bill, the “Dignity Law” would enforce “stricter regulations and increased sanctions” for unauthorized immigration. The Republican representative guaranteed that this initiative, designed to “bring undocumented individuals into the light,” “will not burden taxpayers at all,” stating that it incorporates avenues where migrants will be required to make payments to obtain legal standing.

The bill establishes the “Dignity Program,” which would grant legal status to undocumented individuals and provide them with a travel and work authorization that would be valid for seven years.

Las personas que deseen participar en dicho programa podrán beneficiarse del estatus de pagar impuestos y verificar antecedentes criminales. Según la propuesta de acuerdo con el gobierno, los inmigrantes tendrían que pagar $ 700 al año durante el tiempo en que podrían participar en el programa, con un total de $ 5,000 al año. Además,

The congressmen exposed propose the intention of restricting the current access of undocumented individuals to public services like hospitals and schools, and requiring them to fund their own health insurance or private education while also covering the costs to maintain their legal status.

Salazar said, “The Law of Dignity requires that each person should pay for what they currently have, which is amnesty for undocumented immigrants. I don’t want anyone to confuse amnesty with dignity… No one can live here for free.”

The proposed measure suggests a second-place program of “redemption” that would allow American citizenship to those who meet additional requirements, including a payment of an additional $5,000 and community service, and would serve as continuity to the “Program Dignity” for a period of five years.

“Americans who feel that they have lost their job to an immigrant would finance and use funds collected for financial reeducation programs.”

Veronica Escobar, the Democratic congresswoman and co-author of the measure, said, “It is precisely what has led us to the situation we face today because expecting an idea from each side of what is perfect is a bipartisan approach… The only way our country will properly address the challenges that are presented to us is in this manner, if there is someone who has better ideas, we want to work with them.”

In the Chamber and in the Senate, the congresswomen ensured that they will initiate discussions with both parties to guarantee the approval of the measure.

Opening of “humanitarian campuses” in the USA and processing centers in the region

The announcement stated that migrants would be held in these centers for a maximum of 60 days, with the provision of food and healthcare services, while their case is assessed by an immigration officer. These establishments, referred to as “humanitarian campuses,” will be established to accommodate individuals seeking asylum. The proposed “Dignity Law” also recommends the establishment of these facilities.

Conditional freedoms in positions occur when one cuts before presenting to avoid undocumented immigrants as the system seeks to “disappear” the immigrants that congressmen are trying to avoid according to this.

After accessing legal counseling, and within the first 15 days of their arrival in the US, immigrants would undergo a credible fear interview, according to the proposal.

The Democrat established “A better managed border comes with legitimate legal pathways to truly preserve asylum as it is for those fleeing persecution and not poverty,” as humanitarian support and the provision of legal assistance, Escobar assured that this asylum system reform also aims to “free” communities from burdens that “should be federal”.

In addition, the proposal deepens the strategy announced by DHS to open centers in Guatemala and Colombia, which seek to offer services for the evaluation of work visas and asylum cases to economic migrants in Latina America. The proposal also contemplates the construction of five regional processing centers.

Nationwide Implementation of E-Verify

If the person is a beneficiary of the dignity program and has a valid work permit, this proposed law would confirm their status as an employee in all American companies through the E-Verify system, which also includes the requirement of verifying the status of the employee.

This relates to the law signed by Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, which obligates all private employers in the state to use the E-Verify application for workers over the age of 25.

The enhancement of technology and surveillance equipment at the southern border will be funded by the money allocated, and initiated by former President Donald Trump, the construction of the border wall will resume for financing, without the need for another measure to establish it, on the other side.

Regarding this measure, Escobar affirmed that “the White House is aware of the work we are doing” and dismissed it as a “election strategy”.

A bipartisan immigration reform in the interests of both parties agreed on a “middle ground,” with two Democrats and two Republicans, two of whom, as additional representatives, joined as co-sponsors of the measure.

“Construct bridges, not barriers, where there have been divisions between our political positions,” expressed Congresswoman Kathy Manning.

Regarded as “We are facing a situation requiring urgent attention from a humanitarian perspective… The only approach to resolving it is through collective action,” as Michael Lawler affirmed that both factions “have not succeeded in addressing immigration reform for 35 years.”

In 2021, Salazar introduced the “Dignity Plan” for the first time, nevertheless, it lacked bipartisan support and did not incorporate the new proposals regarding asylum and payment to access pathways to legal status.

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