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San Clemente.

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Business Insurance.

  • Construction.
  • Inland Marine.
  • Management Liability.
  • Insurance for Small Businesses..
  • About San Clemente’s Western United Commercial Insurance Services.

    We are a commercial insurance agency serving CA, AZ, TX, and NV since 2002. We specialize in Business Owners Liability, Commercial General Liability, Business Auto Liability, Commercial Property, Errors & Omissions, Flood, Directors& Officers Liability, Cyber Liability, Vacant Building & Land Liability Employment Practices Liability, Products Liability, Pollution Liability, Workers Compensation, Course of Construction., Builders Risk, Inland Marine. – Equipment, Owners & Contractors Protective Liability, Group Medical & Dental, Life, Hostage & Ransom Liability, Earthquake, OCIP – WRAP, Contractors Liability, License & Fidelity Bonds, Performance Bonds, Railroad Protective Liability, PEO-Alternative Workers Comp Solutions.

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    We understand the complexity of cyber threats and have cyber liability insurance solutions to help protect your business assets.

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    Surety Bonds

    Surety Bonds

    Travelers can help both individuals and businesses – ranging from small to multi-national companies – with their surety bond needs.

  • Commonly Asked Questions.

    Starting your own business as an entrepreneur means taking on some degree of risk, but it also requires you to have the drive and passion to take on new challenges. To gain more comfort and peace of mind in your new role, you should consider purchasing insurance to protect the value of your assets and help recover losses related to theft, fire, or liability issues. With proper policies in place, you can feel more at ease and even have the option to sue someone if things go wrong.

    Compensation for workers is required by most states in law, but the specific requirements can vary depending on the type of business and the number of employees. Carrying insurance is a requirement in some states. An experienced agent can assist you in finding the appropriate solutions. Businesses often need to carry more than one type of insurance to meet their individualized needs.

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    Performing an annual risk assessment and identifying actions you can take to reduce your insurance costs is the initial step. Additionally, your agent can serve as a valuable resource to evaluate your current policies and deductibles, ensuring that your coverage and limits are appropriately tailored to your business. Lastly, if you obtain multiple insurance policies from the same agent, remember to inquire about eligibility for a multi-policy discount. To keep insurance expenses under control, there are various measures you can undertake.

    If you had the right policy in place, you wouldn’t want to experience a loss without being covered. Spending time assessing your operational risks can help determine the greatest factors of risk that a professional insurance knowledgeable in policies can fill in the gaps for. This insurance helps you manage the risk of a loss at the most basic level.

    Why Choose a Travelers Independent Insurance Agent?

    Travelers opts to collaborate with the most skilled and reliable experts in the industry, while an independent insurance agent acts as your dedicated representative, prioritizing the safeguarding of what holds significance to you.

    When you select a Travelers autonomous agent, you receive a reliable insurance consultant and advocate for your requirements. All the elements that hold significance to you and your loved ones, aid in safeguarding them with the appropriate combination of protections suggested by a knowledgeable agent who will assess your distinct circumstances, address your inquiries, and assist you during your expedition. Considerate care can be anticipated.

    See the difference for yourself. Those are just a few reasons why choosing an independent insurance agent is a good choice. Even if your life changes, your independent agent can help you update your choices. If you ever need to file a claim, your independent agent can help you through the process. Independent agents are not held captive by one company, so they can tailor solutions to fit your needs and offer you a choice of policies and brands. Some people surrender their choice without even knowing it because they only work for one insurance company. Because of this, Americans can’t imagine what is best for us without the ability to determine our choices. Choice is something that we Americans can’t imagine without, as it is something that determines what is best for us. The ability to determine what is best for us is something that we can’t imagine without. It is something that we often take for granted.

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