Cow Appreciation Day Costume + Eat Mor Chikin Sign

The yearly celebration of cow appreciation requires everyone to dress up as a cow of any kind. It has become a fun tradition that started when Jack was only two years old. The event has transformed and developed over the years, resembling something quite different from its original form.

Here are some images from throughout the years:.

When we first started doing it, Chick-fil-A had a sign with tails and ears, spots, and some reason! However, last year they took them off for some reason, but it was easy to put on a black or white shirt and accessorize it with their prints to make it more of a challenge to guess.

I decided to create this sign online and found the Chick-fil-A font online. So, I made my own sign that says “Eat Mor Chikin”.

Since I’m sure I am not the only one looking for this, I thought I would share it with all of you.

You simply have to print it out, and remove the black voids, and then thread some string through them.

We wear clothing that is either white or black, made from black and white paper with cow spots. This is the costume we wear for the rest of the event.

Then we secure them on with tape! I usually cut out some ears that we put on hats with tape as well.

It’s great to have the opportunity to work with social media and photography. Although it may seem like a lot of work, we always enjoy discussing the topic of creating reusable costumes. It’s as easy as pie.

Here are a few additional concepts you could include:

  • Cow ears.
  • Face paint.
  • Black cardboard dots.
  • Cow disguise with openings for the eyes.
  • White spots.
  • Synthetic bovine snout.
  • There are numerous available options. You can even wear a complete cow costume if you would like. If you prefer, you can obtain the image in JPG format by right-clicking, or download the PDF by clicking the button below, just like you would if you signed up.

    If you’re looking for fun ways to join in on the next Fil-Chick event, where you can get free food, make sure to plan accordingly for the upcoming annual cow appreciation day, as the dining rooms can get a little crowded on that day. This is such a unique and fun way to show your love for free food. Whether you’re looking to get a free kids’ meal, a free dinner entrée, a free lunch entrée, or some free breakfast entrées, you’ll get to see all the customers dressed as cows in line at the national cow appreciation day event.