Damar Hamlin asked ‘who won the game’ after waking up, doctor says

The initial inquiry the 24-year-old made from his intensive care unit bed was “who emerged victorious in the match?”.

At a press conference on Thursday, Dr. William Knight IV and Dr. Timothy Pritts, both experts in general surgery, trauma, surgical critical care, and other areas at UC Health, provided Hamlin’s update. Dr. Pritts congratulated Damar, stating, “Indeed, you have emerged victorious in the game of life.”

During Monday’s game against the Bengals, at Paycor Stadium, Hamlin, a 24-year-old safety for the Buffalo Bills, continues to be in a critical state at UCMC following his experience of cardiac arrest.

Dr. Pritts explained that the first moments on the field were vital for Hamlin’s well-being.

The medical staff of the Buffalo Bills recognized right away that Hamlin did not run an injury mill, and both doctors gave immense credit to physicians team says Pritts.

The heart attack occurred in the opening period when Hamlin tackled Tee Higgins, the wide receiver for the Bengals.

Hamlin stood up after the tackle and then fell backward onto the field. Many people who were watching the game witnessed this and saw the replay.

The medical team from Buffalo hurried onto the field to take care of Hamlin.

Dr. Knight explained on the Paycor Stadium field that Hamlin was revived using cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and an automated external defibrillator (AED).

The person, who is 24 years of age, was positioned on a gurney, linked to an IV drip, and conveyed into an ambulance that arrived on the scene.

As per the report on Monday by FOX19 NOW’s Joe Danneman, it was mentioned that Hamlin had not regained the ability to breathe independently. However, his pulse had been revived by the time he was being transported to the hospital.

Dr. Pritts said that it would be fair to say that the response from the medical Bills team may have been different if there had not been a fast outcome for Hamlin.

The days since arriving have been “lengthy and challenging” for the second-year NFL player, as described by Dr. Knight.

According to doctors at UCMC, the well-being of the Bills remains in a precarious condition, necessitating assistance from a breathing tube.

They stated that he has demonstrated “significant progress” over the previous 24 hours.

Dr. Pritts stated that Hamlin awoke during the night and demonstrated the ability to comprehend instructions and communicate through written messages. Due to the presence of a breathing tube, Hamlin is currently unable to communicate verbally.

Dr. Pritts continued, “The first question Hamlin jotted down was to ask who won Monday’s game, it was after he woke up.”

As doctors clarified to him, it was he who had emerged victorious.

Hamlin is moving his head and feet but remains critically ill as he continues his long road to recovery, the doctors said.

Dr. Knight clarified that there is no exact timeframe for his recuperation and it is premature to anticipate the nature of Hamlin’s future, such as his potential to resume playing football.