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Seema Dedhiya, the mother of Varun, revealed in an exclusive interview with ABC News that he would text her every night and morning to check his Wordle score and share it with her. He would also call his mom between classes. Varun, a busy college student, always stayed in touch with his little sister and his mom and dad.

“Complete your assignment. … Rest soundly, nourish yourself,” Dedhiya expressed that she messaged her son her customary evening communication on Varun’s last evening alive.

“He replied, ‘Yes, Mom, I’ve completed everything,'” she remembered.

She mentioned that Varun’s last message to her at 11:45 p.M. Said, “Goodnight, Mama.”.

According to the tragic news, the Chief of Police at Purdue University, Lesley Weite, reported that a 20-year-old individual suffered multiple stab wounds in an unprovoked attack. This incident occurred in the early morning of October 5th, when two police officers arrived at the family’s doorstep in Indianapolis.

His violent demise was even more astounding, as they claimed it transformed Varun into a mediator. They seldom spoke of their son, insisting they had no concerns regarding Varun’s roommate, Seema Dedhiya, and her spouse, Manish Chheda.

According to them, his parents were adamant that he didn’t require a more luxurious vehicle or more advanced computer. Varun was a proponent of minimalism and environmentalism. He never requested financial assistance from his parents.

His father, Manish Chheda, mentioned that he had a strong passion for Taekwondo, strategic games, and particularly science.

Varun was recently studying medical genomics and “was even thinking maybe of following in my footsteps and becoming a physician,” he said.

He expressed, “I believe he might have participated in … Assisting individuals in person or in a scientific domain.” “As for the outcome, we can only speculate at this juncture.”

His dad recounted the instance when Varun, being a compassionate elder brother and considerate companion, urged his friend to contribute his lengthy hair to individuals battling cancer.

“We believe he accomplished a great deal during the time he had,” Manish Chheda expressed. “We take pride in that.”

When asked what she will miss the most, Dedhiya replied with tears: his laughter, his embraces, “his intelligence” and “all the discussions.”

“I miss him immensely,” Dedhiya expressed.

Manish Chheda stated that he is uncertain about when he will be mentally prepared to resume his duties as a doctor. He expressed his intention to seek assistance and counseling in order to facilitate this process. Furthermore, he emphasized the need to enhance his current level of concentration.

The family will “never be ordinary again,” but he said he hopes they’ll find a “fresh normal.”.