Deion Sanders to undergo another surgery for blood clots, will miss Pac-12 media day

Deion Sanders, the football coach of Colorado, will have another surgery on Thursday to remove blood clots in one of his legs, and he is expected to miss his highly anticipated appearance at the annual Conference-12 Pac media day in Las Vegas on Friday.

In June, Sanders underwent a procedure to eliminate blood clots from his left thigh and below his left knee. This will mark his second surgical intervention within a span of four weeks. He expressed at that time his necessity for additional surgeries, including the removal of blood clots from his right thigh. Sanders made the announcement on Wednesday, as recorded on his son’s YouTube channel named after him.

On Wednesday, he said that he would have surgery this week to straighten out the remaining two toes on his troubled left foot, as well as to remove those clots.

Sanders apologized on the video, stating, “I’m sorry, but I will not be able to have another surgery tomorrow.” Sanders clarified on the video that he will not be attending the Pac-12 media day.

Sanders, one of the fastest players in the NFL, was predicted to run on the field for the first time in the game for TCU. As the Buffaloes’ coach, Sanders will make his debut on September 2nd.

“I promise you when we go to TCU, I’m running out in front of our team,” Sanders said. “I promise you that.”.

His left lower leg, along with his large toe and the adjacent toe, required amputation. When he was coaching at Jackson State since 2021, he had to sit out three games due to blood clots in his left leg. Sanders has been plagued by issues with his leg and foot.

He experienced near-death as it was described, but he recovered. The remaining two toes on his foot are abnormally bent, causing him discomfort and making him walk with a limp.

In the same video on Wednesday, Colorado athletic trainer Lauren Askevold mentioned, “When it comes to the shoes, if there is any additional discomfort, it may lead to potential issues with these two toes, which they are currently working on resolving.”

Instead of issuing a statement on Wednesday, the coach of Colorado hired players for his entire scholarship roster, which caused a big stir in the media. It was expected that his appearance in Las Vegas on Friday would be a big draw, given the news of Sanders’ significant offseason news.

“Regrettably, his recuperation will prevent him from participating in Pac-12 media day, but it is highly anticipated that he will return to coaching in time for the fall camp. The statement expressed well wishes to Coach for a swift recovery and the anticipation of his return to campus in the near future. “Based on the positive outcome of his previous medical intervention and following the guidance of his physicians, Coach Prime is slated to undergo another routine follow-up procedure on July 20.”