Delphi double murder suspect allegedly confessed several times in jail call with wife: Court documents

According to recently unsealed court documents in April, Richard Allen, the suspect in the alleged double murder of Delphi, Indiana, confessed several times to the killings during phone calls from jail with his wife.

In February 2017, when they were enjoying a day off from school, their best friends were killed while trail hiking in Delphi. Allen, a resident of Delphi, was arrested in October 2022 and charged with two counts of murder for the deaths of German Libby, 14, and Abby Williams, 13.

As per a court record made public on Wednesday, Allen was engaged in a conversation with his spouse and purportedly confessed “multiple times that he murdered Abby and Libby” while being held on April 3.

According to the document, his spouse terminated the phone conversation abruptly.

The document filed by the prosecutor on April 20 requested records of Allen’s mental health during his time as an inmate, including logs and video recordings that refute his claims regarding the behavior at Westville Correctional Facility.

Allen’s lawyers submitted an urgent request in the document, asserting that his psychological condition had deteriorated and he needed to be transferred. They claimed that the Westville Correctional Facility was unsuitable, shortly after the conversation with his spouse.

Allen was refusing to eat and sleep, stating that he had gotten his paperwork wet from eating and attorneys.

Allen broke his tablet while making two phone calls today and said he used the tablet for making the calls.

On Wednesday, during a court hearing on June 15th, defense attorneys stated that Allen’s confessions made by Allen are unreliable due to his deteriorating mental and physical health. However, ABC News has yet to respond to the comment and the request for an immediate response.

The document stated that Allen’s behavior began to return to what it was prior to the admission on April 3. After the meeting with Allen, it was determined that he didn’t need to be moved and he didn’t need involuntary medication. Allen was evaluated by two psychologists and psychiatrists on April 14.

According to court documents, Allen has admitted to being on the trail on the day that the girls’ murders were denied any involvement. Allen has pleaded not guilty to the two murders.

Allen’s court case has been set for January 2024.

The prosecution claimed in a filing on June 13, as a further attempt to acquire Allen’s mental health records, that on the publicly accessible prison telephones, Allen confessed to the murders “at least 5 times” during conversations with his wife and his mother.

The investigators believe that they heard the sound of a gun being cycled on the recovered video from Libby’s phone, which was also noted in a document filed by the prosecutor on April 20th.

According to the probable cause affidavit, a man was approached as “gun” mentioned Libby or Abby, and a video was recovered from one of the victim’s phones. According to the probable cause affidavit, it was discovered that an unspent round from a .40-caliber gun owned by Allen went through and was found less than 2 feet away from one of the girls’ bodies.

Another document published on Wednesday mentions the participation of a blade in the murders.

The prosecutor stated, “and law enforcement suspects a ‘blade was utilized in the killing of Abigail Williams and Liberty German,'” and the prosecutor mentioned, “based on the unexpended bullet discovered near their corpses, the authorities suspect a firearm was employed in the abduction and homicides of the girls.”

This document was filed June 13, objecting to the defense’s motion to suppress evidence seized in a search warrant at Allen’s home.

The June 13 document filed by the state objecting to the defense’s motion to suppress mentions that “items of clothing from the girls were absent from the location”, including a set of undergarments and a single sock, where their bodies were discovered.