Democrat Donna Deegan becomes first female mayor of Jacksonville

Donna Deegan, a Democrat, will become the inaugural female mayor of Jacksonville.

After months of hard campaigning and spending millions of dollars, Davis Daniel, a Republican, won the highly contested election with nearly 52% of the vote, beating Deegan, who had support from both sides.

In the heart of Downtown Jacksonville, Deegan expressed to her supporters at the event that turned into her election night celebration, “We have created a significant milestone tonight.” “It marks the dawn of a fresh era in Jacksonville.”

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Democrat Donna Deegan becomes first female mayor of Jacksonville

On Tuesday, the competition will be available for either contender, with Democrats concluding early voting with a lead of more than 4 points. The participation concluded at 33%, which surpassed the primary turnout of slightly above 25%.

Deegan said on Tuesday afternoon at 12:10 that she knew there would be a large amount of crossover voting between Independent voters and Republicans, but the Republicans quickly closed the gap.

Deegan mentioned, “I’m going to vote for you. I’ve never voted for a Democrat before,” Deegan said, reaching out to me to tell me how many people from across the political spectrum he wants me to reach out to and tell them how many people from across the political spectrum he wants me to reach out to. This happened several weeks ago when we were out.

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In 2015, Lenny Curry, a Republican, defeated Democratic Mayor Alvin Brown by a narrow margin of less than 3 points, even though Brown enjoyed significant support from voters. This victory marks the first success for the Democrats following Brown’s loss to Curry.

Rep. John Rutherford, Senator Rick Scott, and Gov. Ron DeSantis, along with one of Davis’ Republican endorsements in Florida, supported Curry’s re-election in 2019, and he was unable to seek another term because of term limits.

Davis’ high-profile campaign, fueled with more money than any campaign for local office in Jacksonville history, brought criticism and praise from Republicans.

Deegan relied on local advocates and religious leaders, including current council members Matt Carlucci and Randy DeFoor from the Republican party, as well as bipartisan endorsements from the local community. Additionally, Deegan received support from Nikki Fried, the Chair of the Florida Democratic Party.

Twenty-four hours ago, Davis informed his followers that the outcome was not what he had anticipated, but he promised to assist Deegan and encouraged his supporters to unite in supporting her. In his concession speech, he also expressed gratitude to his wife Rebekah for her unwavering support throughout the arduous campaign.

Let’s not be disappointed or discouraged as we move forward as a city and come together. I cannot thank you enough for what you did for me during this campaign, Rebekah Davis, and I love you. I love each one of you in this room. In his final comments from the stage, he said, “I love each one of you in this city from the bottom of my heart.”

Despite facing a surge in Democratic voter registrations, Deegan managed to rally his campaign and overcome the advantage that she had in the race by peeling away Republicans who solidly broke for her. She needed the support of independent voters to secure a victory, and she successfully cast ballots in the election, ending with a total of nearly 7,200 more registered Democrats than Republicans.

Deegan, who had “an optimistic vision,” particularly enjoyed the experience, but she expressed that it was an incredible feeling to fulfill the role as the inaugural female mayor of the city.

After her victory, Deegan expressed to the Times-Union, ‘I can’t even begin to express my immense gratitude.’ It is a moment that allows me to move forward from a period filled with fear, not only because I am making history, but also because it holds great significance to me.

According to her, the city was undergoing a healing process to overcome division, which demonstrated the voters’ belief in her message across the entire political spectrum. Deegan expressed her commitment to maintaining a positive campaign without resorting to attack advertisements, both for herself and her supporters.