Did you know Michael Keaton’s brother lives in Rochester?

In Rochester, the sibling of Batman has been present in our midst for the past 27 years, carrying out their actions mostly incognito, akin to Bruce Wayne in Gotham.

Darlene and Michael Micciche sold their business, Eagle Cleaners, located at 1601 Penfield Road in Penfield, in February 1989. Since then, they have relocated to Pittsford, Syracuse, and have called it home. Michael is the oldest brother of Bob Douglas, who is known as Michael Keaton, the actor.

His “remarkable contribution to the art of cinema” is being acknowledged for Keaton, the most prestigious accolade in motion pictures by the George Eastman Museum, on Thursday evening with the presentation of The George Eastman Award. Douglas mentioned that his renowned younger brother will also be honored at the event in Rochester and added, “This is the longest period of time I have resided in any place.”

Tickets for the 8 p.M. Awards ceremony are scarce, as it will showcase a video compilation of his accomplishments and a discussion with Keaton, concluding with a grand celebration at the museum.

“He is,” Douglas commented about his infant sibling, “a genuine expert.”

The ensemble of actors received the award for best screen ensemble from both the Screen Actors Guild and the Broadcast Film Critics Association. Keaton played a significant role in the cast of the Academy Award-winning film Spotlight. He portrayed the same character again in Batman Returns in 1992. Acting alongside Jack Nicholson’s Joker in the highly successful movie, he became the inaugural Batman of the contemporary film era in 1989. Keaton achieved major success with the film Mr. Mom in 1983.

The Dryden Theatre, owned by the Eastman family, had planned to showcase a fully booked showing of Beetlejuice (1988) on Wednesday evening at 8 p.M. Michael Keaton, the lead actor, received a Golden Globe award for his outstanding performance in Birdman. In addition to this accolade, Birdman, which was directed by Keaton, won the prestigious Best Picture award at the 2015 Oscars, and the actor himself was nominated for the Best Actor category.

Keaton’s actual name happens to be Douglas Michael, in order to pay tribute to the previous year’s honorees, Last. Meryl Streep and James Stewart, Martin Scorsese and Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn, Lillian Gish, Greta Garbo, Cecil B. DeMille, Joan Crawford, Gary Cooper, and Charles Chaplin, all had the privilege of receiving Awards established by George Eastman.

To avoid confusion in his early career, Keaton, the youngest of seven children who grew up in Pittsburgh, already made a name for himself in the television cop series “San Francisco Streets” with Douglas, at the age of 64.

According to his brother, Keaton has visited Rochester on only a few occasions.

Douglas, aged 76, who is nearly 12 years senior to his brother, expressed, “He maintains quite a packed agenda.” Douglas mentioned, “Moreover, Pittsburgh is relatively close and is still regarded as the familial ‘central hub’.” They continue to reside in that vicinity, along with siblings George, Paul, Pam, and Joyce.

Douglas stated, “We encounter one another three or four occasions annually.” “At minimum once a year, my siblings and I, we will embark on a fishing trip. We venture out there for some trout angling, (Keaton’s) possesses a ranch in Montana.”

Brian went to Pittsford from Naperville, a suburb of Chicago, and now both he and Kimberly live there in their 40s. Kimberly had already graduated from high school. In 1989, Brian brought his wife Dee to Pittsford by transferring to Chase Bank. He then took another job in Syracuse in the mid-1980s and then moved to Binghamton. Douglas used to work in banking.

Their father expressed that each of them attended Princeton University and participated in soccer while studying there. Douglas mentioned that a couple of months back, it was the opportune moment to sell the business, but he discovered a profitable market in the dry cleaning industry.

“I’m elderly,” Douglas chuckled. “I’ve been employed for a considerable duration.”

He has been a fan of his brother’s work on the large display for years.

Douglas expressed, “Being in that industry is exceedingly challenging.” “One must maintain popularity and seize opportunities. He is a skilled practitioner… I believe he was around 21 years old when he ventured to California, to Hollywood. He truly dedicates himself to perfecting his art.”

The Founder, in which he portrays Ray Kroc, the individual and motivating factor behind the McDonald’s eatery establishment, might become Keaton’s upcoming successful film. Its release is planned for early August.

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Douglas, a noted actor from an Irish Catholic family, had an interesting twist in his career as he pursued the comedy stand-up route. He has come through many roles, showcasing a flair for humor. It is worth mentioning that he attended a Catholic school and his family regularly went to church.

Keaton portrays an editor at the Boston Globe, whose investigative reporting team broke the story about the widespread and controversial scandal of sexual abuse by priests in 2002, which was said to be tough and highly controversial.

Following his departure from a superhero series, Keaton takes on the role of a has-been performer attempting his luck in live theatre. He was particularly pleased with his brother’s performance in Birdman, which was unveiled in 2014.

Douglas exclaimed, “This individual is incredibly talented.” Reflecting on my multiple viewings, I couldn’t help but think, “That performance was the most remarkable and exemplary (coming from him).” The multitude of emotions conveyed through his expressions and gaze were truly captivating. “It’s an extremely challenging character,” Douglas acknowledged. “In certain instances, it appeared distressing due to excessive alcohol consumption or self-destructive behavior. And naturally, as I observed his eyes and studied his countenance, I witnessed numerous instances of such scenes.”


Exclusive preview: Michael Keaton portrays Ray Kroc in ‘The Founder’.

Michael Keaton celebrated.

Actor Michael Keaton will be honored with the esteemed George Eastman Award for his “remarkable contribution to the art of cinema.”

Date and time: 8 p.M. On Thursday; Eastman Theatre, located at 900 East Avenue.

Tickets: $100. Only a limited number are left. Visit www.Eastman.Org for additional details.

The event comprises of music performed by the “Smooth Talkers,” sweet treats, wine, and champagne. It will showcase a video compilation of Keaton’s artistic achievements and a live discussion with him.