The Cough Drop Is Not The Sign You Think It Is

Recently in hard-hitting journalism (lol): TODAY covers “the throat lozenge indicator”, a “deep” narrative that’s “spreading rapidly”.

In the media, there are reposts and articles still emerging from a book he collaborated on in 1994, given that his message is still striking a chord and the individual has a presence in the realm of ADHD. His impact in the realm of ADHD truly cannot be emphasized enough, as we mentioned in episode 5 on the ADHD Boss, listeners will be acquainted with Ed Hallowell.

Thus, ADHD is a metaphor for her entire life, where every day is like a drop of cough that symbolizes forgetting. The client, who experiences a breakdown culminating in throwing away thoughts and looking at it every day, shared with Hallowell that she left a cough drop on her car’s dashboard. In short, here’s the TLDR from the client Hallowell mentioned.

Do I relate to this daily experience? Yes, I think it’s profoundly deep. Does it make me want to shove an entire bag of cough drops into my mouth until I can no longer scream? No!

I sent this narrative to Ayesha via text with the comment, “We reside in a state of eternal suffering,” to which she answered:

“The cough drop story is just a human on capitalism.”

In the article, Hallowell elucidates the reasons behind people’s tendency to forget the lozenge for cough.

“The cough drop is boring, so we just don’t bloody see it,” he continued. “We can see it — in other words, it lands in our visual cortex — but we don’t comprehend it in the sense of (acting) on it.”

The article then goes on to explain the prevalence rates of ADHD and the shame of being chronically forgetful, but I think we need to go back for a second because they skipped over a very important point.

Tedious is cleaning your car. Monotonous is driving around in a car by yourself. Dull is that class about algebra formulas with no connection to your daily life. Mundane is that doctor’s appointment. Tiresome is that shift behind the cash register. Dull is that spreadsheet you need to complete at work. Uninteresting is the cough drop. Dreary is doing laundry. Tedious is having to plan and cook all your meals alone.

The brain disorder is not a near-total isolation in material objects and responsibilities of a list, but rather a reaction to the expectation to juggle, organize, and manage everything. So, forget about the meaninglessness of the cough drop. Life under capitalism is beyond boring, it’s fucking mundane.

The only profound thing here is that we are all forced to experience alienation under capitalism, as individualized diagnoses are being used as smoke and mirrors to keep us angry.

— Jesse.

Stop Glorifying The Neurodivergent Grind

This post that was making rounds on IG is a recent article we’ve seen among a multitude of blogs and posts, where capitalism has ceased to objectify and commodify individuals with mental illness, disabilities, or neurodivergence of type X. #Grateful #blessed Yay!

It is a societal norm to celebrate success, such as winning accolades or promotions, or achieving one’s dream job, at the expense of others. Within the empire, we value assimilation and conformity as a measure of success, even though we are selling our freedom for oppression. Capitalism finds a way to profit from everything and co-opts it.

We can be perceived as thriving and successful, so we willingly exploit ourselves to grow and shape ourselves with the values of the empire since we have been covertly coerced. On our social media profiles and curated resumes like Linkedin and CVs, we can give off the illusion of perfection as we decorate ourselves and pat each other on the back for being self-optimizing, self-productive, and obedient workers.

Is this not devastating and heartbreaking? Are there only four jobs available?

Despite facing systemic obstacles, I was able to obtain a job and earn a degree. “We have all aspired to climb the ladder, glorifying our suffering, adversity, and pain.”

We write essays to reduce oppression in our community, aiming to promote diversity. It is important that we all work hard towards this goal, as it is something that concerns us all. It is crucial to acknowledge that the work we do to address these issues is significant and impactful.

It’s truly disheartening. It’s been a lot of hard work, but I’m not like those strong individuals who never stopped rising above the heart of the empire. Look at all the violence that my people have experienced underneath it.

It is way too easy for us to disregard the abolition of killing systems, and instead, we are fully prepared to pursue personal “success”; it is not an example of individualism and oppression, it is not an achievement. You should never have to earn the right to live, right?

To seize the opportunity, capitalism can co-opt and exploit anyone who is passionate about social justice, altruism, or a cause, in order to ensure the extraction of maximum value. However, those in power often seek to suppress rebellion and maintain compliance without resorting to overt violence or oppressive systems.

Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the United States are all colonial countries. It is true that the Department of Defense is the embodiment of the United States’ empire, including the Airforce, Navy, and Army. The comments stating that the DOD accurately represents neocolonialism and imperialism are accurate. These comments are very important and I often see them when reading this post.

Prior to this, I discussed briefly how individuals are captivated by any acknowledgement from those in power, therefore we have been conditioned to appreciate the meager offerings bestowed upon us. The alarming aspect is that people fail to recognize the recurrence of historical patterns, yet this is undeniably factual. Presently, Fortune 500 companies employ corporate “Leaders of Neurodiversity” whose responsibility is to discover innovative methods to capitalize on and derive benefits from individuals who deviate from societal standards in order to assimilate them back into the mainstream.

Love is always sustainable, while fear is not. All of them will fall. This empire will eventually fall. We deserve to put care and love into sustaining our own communities without exploiting others. We deserve the right to live without having to do anything. Let’s just emphasize this.

Episode 5: We thoroughly analyzed this. Full stop. Nobody should trade their physical being for the privilege of existence. No person is inherently designed for subjugation or manipulation more than another. Capitalism establishes social rankings to fragment and dominate, but no individual is inherently predisposed to comply, submit, assimilate, and be willingly manipulated. No person is naturally suited to prosper within a capitalist system.