Does Hershel Die in The Walking Dead: The Dead City?

‘The Walking Dead: Dead City’ is a spin-off of the popular post-apocalyptic series ‘The Walking Dead’ on AMC. The story focuses on Maggie Greene, who enlists the help of Negan, the killer of her husband Glenn, in her mission to locate and rescue her son Hershel. Maggie explains that The Croat, a former ally and subordinate of Negan, has abducted her son. Together, Maggie and Negan embark on a mission to liberate Hershel from the clutches of the brutal Croatian. The safety of Hershel hangs in the balance as Negan describes The Croat as a merciless individual. Will Maggie suffer the loss of both her husband and son? Find out as we delve into the story. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

In order to retrieve her son, Maggie must heed Negan’s advice, as he verifies that The Croat used to be his comrade. Maggie deduced that this individual was acquainted with Negan based on The Croat’s distinctive whistle. He abducted Hershel and demanded that Maggie provide him with additional grain. Unsatisfied with merely obtaining grain, the man overwhelmed and outnumbered Maggie and her group, looting the community of survivors. The Croatian men ultimately arrived at Hilltop to pilfer the community’s grain, resulting in Hershel’s loss for Maggie.

The premiere episode of the show ends with Croat The talking to Hershel, rather than talking to Negan, indicating that the real target can be the former leader’s companionship with Maggie, knowing that Negan must have figured out Hershel’s kidnapping and that Negan will not be able to say no to Maggie leading the former leader to lead the former leader of The Saviors, even though he might whistle to tune Negan’s tune.

In an attempt to assist Negan, Maggie might escort him to Hilltop or another secure location before she is expected to prioritize the safety of Hershel. Given his authority over Manhattan Island, he might surrender Hershel to Maggie and request her to abandon Negan and disappear from the island. Once The Croat manages to apprehend Negan, Hershel likely finds himself caught in the middle of the situation, and both Negan and The Croat may have unresolved matters to address. Unaware that The Croat is likely the primary target, Maggie entices Negan to his hideout, not realizing that The Croat may be indifferent to causing harm to Hershel.

He knows that if Negan is really the target, Hershel may risk his life to try to protect him. The Croat understands that he may cherish watching the battle between Negan and Maggie, rather than getting involved himself. If Maggie realizes that her son was ruthlessly killed by the same person who killed Glenn, she may turn against her “friend” Negan. If Hershel knows that he may have to kill in the name of the former leader of The Saviors, Negan, the real target is The Croat. Having said that, it is not improbable that Hershel may be killed in the series.

He may not want to suffer behind her reason and deeply regrets killing Glenn, which is one thing that hurts Maggie. Therefore, we can expect Negan to do his best to save Hershel from both death and Croat.