Doja Cat Shaves Off Her Hair and Eyebrows: “I Was Never Supposed to Have Hair Anyway”

Doja Cat chose to beat the heat during this heatwave by getting rid of all of her hair.

The pop star, Doja, surprised her fans on Thursday during a live Instagram session when she impulsively decided to shave off both her eyebrows and hair. She started by removing her eyebrows while saying, “I can’t believe it took me this long to be like, ‘Shave, like, fucking head.'” Then, she proceeded to carefully give herself a buzzcut using a razor and some shaving cream. She explained to her viewers that she had been thinking about making this drastic change for a while, as she had never liked watching people with hair. It was clear that Doja had been considering this sudden decision to give herself an extreme makeover, which she described as a minute change, for over 20,000 fans.

“I have always disliked having hair,” she expressed, emphasizing that she has never had a single moment in her life where she thought, “This is cool.” She further mentioned, “I feel like it was never meant for me to have hair anyway.” Adding, “I, like, really don’t enjoy having hair.” The final outcome confirmed her satisfaction with the decision, as she reiterated, “I feel like I was never meant to have hair anyway.” She continued, “I, like, seriously don’t like having hair. I have never liked having hair. There hasn’t been a single moment since the beginning of my life where I thought, ‘This is cool.’ I simply do not enjoy having hair.” While the decision might have been impulsive, it was immediately evident that Doja had no regrets, expressing her sheer fascination with the change.

I was more concerned about how my hair was doing and how to keep it adhered to my scalp. I couldn’t focus because I knew that if I started working out, my hair would start peeling and sliding off, especially when I wear hairpieces. The singer “Woman” revealed that she also feels exhausted and frustrated when working out and wearing wigs, which made me turn against the idea of having luscious locks altogether. She also explained how she deals with wearing wigs at the gym.

Doja is just one of the few celebrities who recently embraced the bald look. This week, Maisie Williams and Demi Lovato also debuted a freshly-shorn appearance, while Iris Law, daughter of Sadie Frost and Jude Law, made a buzz in December 2021 when she shaved off her signature hairstyle.

Emojis, in particular the red heart, were used to express two feelings: love and apology. The actor who plays Eddie Munson on the new season of the show assured fans that things were copacetic between him and his co-star Joseph Quinn, who plays Quinn. However, screenshots of their private messages were shared, showing an exchange with the singer Doja. Since then, the TikTok post has been deleted, and some of their messages were described as “unaware socially and wack” by the 17-year-old actor. Doja, who was called out by him, didn’t take kindly to the fallout and commented on her personal and business matters. The pop star is also looking to start fresh.