Donna Kelce Age, Sons, Parents, Husband, Net Worth

Donna Kelce Parents / Early Life

Sadly, Kelce was raised in the United States with her younger brother when their mother died, at the time when they were respectively 10 and 12 years old.

Don, her younger brother, and her father, included in the family, recently relocated to the suburbs of Cleveland when she got married again. This happened soon after her mother passed away.

The Kelce brothers often refer to Grandma Murr as Donna’s stepmother. Unlike her father, she did not dislike the idea of women participating in athletics; in fact, her stepmother supported it.

Donna acknowledges her stepmother, Mary, for her role in rebuilding and reuniting her and Don when she looks back on her childhood.

Donna Kelce Education

Donna became the first member of her family to earn a college degree because of her stepmother’s steadfast backing. While still in high school, Donna secretly participated in the Junior Olympics in the field and track with the assistance of her stepmother.

Donna worked for Mastercard in the commercial real estate sector, specializing in various financial aspects, before settling down in a bank neighborhood in Cleveland. Furthermore, she worked in the banking industry for 30 years after obtaining her degree from the University of Ohio.

Donna Kelce Husband

The guy from whom Ed had actually taken his future spouse, Donna, had initially consented to go on a date with another gentleman later that exact same evening. Donna and Ed developed a deep affection for each other immediately.

After finishing work, Ed had to make a detour at a bar named Fagan’s in Old Cleveland Flats where she decided to visit. Donna canceled her scheduled appointment after they started conversing.

Ed, on the other hand, is still in disbelief that he managed to win Donna’s heart, despite being covered in dirty clothes from working the entire day in the Fast lab made of steel and tied in a knot in the late 70s.

Despite the fact that the Kelce family experienced difficulties as a result of Donna’s divorce, she still has happy memories of her 25-year marriage to Ed, the divorced couple after the divorce.

Donna Kelce Sons

During the early stages of his life, Ed’s wife brought up their kids in both Cincinnati University and Ohio Heights, Cleveland, where he played football in college.

Following a collective 22-year stint in the NFL, Jason and Travis Kelce, as brothers, achieved an extraordinary football feat that remains unmatched by any other pair of siblings.

On February 13, 2023, the game was played. Both teams also supported each other, but it meant that only the parents watched the big game, as their brothers were competing in their first-ever Super Bowl match.

Who wears the jerseys? Were there any favorite castings? Would each parent have a favorite team? Naturally, Football fans kept a close eye on Donna’s and Ed’s preparations for Super Bowl 2023.

On either side, along with a see-through pouch displaying the jersey numbers of her sons, the mother beamed with pride in her “#gamedayfit” which consisted of a top featuring the hues of the Eagles and Chiefs. As Donna prepared for the major match, she ensured that her sons received equal encouragement.

The so-called “Kelce Bowl” witnessed Travis emerging as the victorious sibling, as the Chiefs prevailed over the Eagles by a score of 38-35. Positioned to her right were the Eagles, while the Chiefs were positioned to her left, and she sported sneakers that perfectly complemented the colors of each team.

Donna quickly looked to provide some consoling words as she engulfed bear in a hug, while the star Eagles’ Travis was seen celebrating on the winner’s platform with Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes. After being spotted sad on the following field, Jason was observed reconciling with his mother after the defeat.

Do the Kelce brothers have a dad?

After graduating from college, their sons soon got married. After almost 25 years of marriage, they decided to go their separate ways. At the moment, their parents are not together. But do they still communicate? Yes.

She highly appreciates him in her life and harbors no resentment towards their father. She reassured her sons that she cherishes fond memories of her union with Ed, despite the difficulties the Kelce family faced due to the divorce.