Drinking age in Ireland: the law, fun facts, and more info

In Ireland, there exist specific regulations concerning the legal age for consuming alcohol. The Emerald Isle is renowned for its vibrant pubs and lively entertainment venues, rich history, breathtaking coastlines, and picturesque green hills.

It comes as no surprise that alcohol is often associated with Ireland, the birthplace of Guinness and home to over 7,000 pubs across the entire island.

Here, we all need to know about the age of drinking in Ireland; we must also acknowledge that there are strict laws in place for its consumption. While social drinking is a familiar feat on the Emerald Isle.

The legal system – what you should be aware of

The fines and penalties.
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It is illegal in Ireland for someone to serve alcohol to an underage person or purchase alcohol on their behalf, so it is important to abide by Irish laws which require individuals to be over 18 to buy alcohol.

It is also against the law for a person who is underage to falsely present themselves as older in order to obtain alcohol.

According to the laws surrounding the drinking age in Ireland, the only exception is when a person underage is given an alcoholic beverage by their parent(s) within the privacy of their own residence.

Fines and Penalties – the Consequences

Fun facts about the drinking age in Ireland.
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If you choose to ignore the drinking age in Ireland, you may be subject to fines and penalties. These include the following:.

Distribution to individuals under the legal age: up to €5,000 in fines and a license holder may face a closure order.

Pretending to be over 18, minors who consume alcoholic drinks may face a fine of up to €500 for allowing children into licensed premises without supervision.

Altering a Garda Age Card: may lead to a penalty of as much as €2500 and/or a maximum imprisonment period of 12 months.

Interesting tidbits – additional lighthearted facts

Womens bathrooms are always tiny.
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In addition to the limitations concerning the lawful age for consuming alcohol in Ireland, here are five delightful facts that are unique to the Emerald Isle.

A ‘brewmistress’ was the official title for such a role, and alcohol production during the Viking incursions in Ireland was primarily carried out by women, typically within the confines of their own households. Were you aware of this? Interesting fact 1:

Today, in Ireland, you may still find poitín in bars, although it is not commonly consumed today. Poitín, also known as Irish moonshine, can contain alcohol ranging from 40% to 90% ABV. It is sometimes used in cocktails, making it a fun fact.

More info about the drinking age in Ireland.
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Denying a lady access to a public establishment only became unlawful on the Emerald Isle in 2003. Interesting fact 3:

When it became more acceptable, visiting pubs for women was often later built in history because of the pub’s toilets. If you stop by an old-school Irish pub, you may even notice that women’s bathrooms are cramped and out of place.

Around the world, more than 10 million glasses of Guinness are sold every day, making it the famous stout of Ireland. Another fun fact is that Guinness is served in over 150 countries worldwide.

They would store bodies here until they were due to be buried. The pub’s cold room was used to store dead bodies: a fun fact of five.

Numerous pub proprietors would additionally act as the nearby mortician. Nevertheless, with the contemporary establishment of funeral residences, this connection has declined.

Additional details – the ins and outs

Happy hour was banned in ireland.
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The Garda (Irish police force) provides individuals who are 18 years and above with the opportunity to request a Garda Age Card.

When verifying your age to enter or purchase alcohol, you can use this card as a formal means of identification, even though it is not a formal form of identification. This card proves your age.

Children are permitted to accompany adults to public houses and drinking establishments under certain limitations, whereas individuals below the age of 18 are disallowed from consuming alcohol.

This includes the limitation that individuals below the age of 15 must be under constant supervision.

From 1 October to 30 April, and for the remaining part of the year after 10 pm, it is against the law for individuals below the age of 18 to be present on the premises of establishments that serve alcoholic beverages.

A person under the age of 18 can remain beyond the specified hours stated previously in the event of a personal occasion, like a wedding. The only instance where this regulation does not apply is if it is a personal occasion.

FAQs about the drinking age in Ireland.

In Ireland, it is also illegal to decrease the prices of drinks for a specific time period on the day that signifies happiness, on the Isle of Emerald.

In addition to underage consumption of alcohol, it is designed to discourage individuals from drinking during socially unaccepted times of the day. The prohibition was established in 2003.

It is illegal to consume alcohol outdoors in Ireland, but we must bust the myth that it is a recent law. The majority of local cities and councils have imposed a ban on public alcohol drinking, stating that they are doing this to maintain clean streets and limit anti-social behavior.

Prominent references

Drinking age in Ireland: the law, fun facts, and more info
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In Ireland, if you engage in intoxicated and unruly behavior in public, you could be subjected to a fine ranging from €100 to €500 for exhibiting public impropriety.

Northern Ireland: The same drinking age for the consumption of alcohol or the sale of alcohol is the same in Northern Ireland.

Frequently Asked Questions about the legal drinking age in Ireland