‘Drunk driver’ Jamie Komoroski sobs upon learning she’ll remain in jail for allegedly killing just-married South Carolina bride

The woman charged with drunkenly crashing a golf cart into a spring refused to judge as a sobbed bride in South Carolina’s Tuesday court.

According to 5 Live News, Judge Michael Nettles refused to grant bond to Jamie Lee Komoroski, 25, who appeared via video at the Charleston County Detention Center, stating that he believed she posed a risk of fleeing, which caused her to start crying.

During the accident on April 28, which also resulted in serious injuries to the groom and two additional individuals, the court received testimonies from family members of Samantha Miller, a 34-year-old bride who tragically lost her life.

“[Komoroski] didn’t simply take the life of my child,” expressed Lisa, Miller’s mother, with tears in her eyes during the hearing.

“She murdered every single one of us.”

Komoroski, who is accused of driving over the speed limit twice on a quiet Folly Beach road, had a blood alcohol content of 0.261 while driving her Toyota Camry.

The graduate from Coastal Carolina University collided her car with the golf cart that was transporting Miller, her newlywed husband, Aric Hutchinson, and two family members, while they were coming from their nearby wedding reception.

Jamie Lee Komoroski.
Jamie Lee Komoroski appeared at the hearing via video conference.

Miller was declared deceased at the location, whereas Hutchinson and the two remaining individuals received medical attention for severe injuries.

“This is definitely a highly unfortunate circumstance for all involved,” Nettles stated after announcing his verdict on Tuesday.

Komoroski, who was purportedly combative at the crash site and insisted to the police, “I did not commit any wrongdoing,” was later charged with reckless vehicular manslaughter and three charges of driving under the influence resulting in fatalities or significant physical harm.

Komoroski’s attorneys previously requested a $100,000 bond with the understanding that she would attend a substance abuse rehab program before being released under her mother’s supervision.

Samantha Miller and Aric Hutchinson.
Samantha Miller (right) was killed just moment after leaving her wedding reception.

They argued unsuccessfully that the ex-server has no criminal record and poses no danger to public security.

Defense attorney Chris Gramiccioni stated, “Although we believe she has met the legal criteria for release today, we still appreciate the court’s decision to postpone Jamie’s release on bond until March 2024 if the State is not ready for trial.”

The judge requested that both the prosecution and defense collaborate to hasten Komoroski’s trial, which is planned for March 2024.

If the case is not heard by the time she could be released, Nettles’ arrest would be subject to electronic monitoring of her house and a bond surety of $150,000.

Wreckage from the crash.
The horrifying wreck took place on the night of April 28.
Folly Beach Department of Public Safety/Provided

In May, Komoroski conveyed her hopeful outlook that she could potentially be released from prison in the near future. She disclosed to her boyfriend in a recorded conversation from jail that the “top authority figure in Charleston County” desired her reunion with her loved ones.

The Post and Courier published the announcement, in which she expressed optimism and mentioned that she believes things are improving. She also mentioned that she is grateful for the assistance and thinks it is very kind.

Komoroski expressed dissatisfaction with the exercise mat provided for doing crunches in her cell, as well as the jail meals and other rules, according to the outlet. She mentioned not having these items in previous recordings.

Filed a lawsuit for the death of a person due to someone else’s negligence and accused Komoroski along with multiple bars and restaurants of serving the deceased excessively before the accident. Furthermore, in the month of May, the 36-year-old Hutchinson took legal action.

Aric Hutchinson.
Aric Hutchinson has sued Komoroski and several Folly Beach bars for his wife’s wrongful death.

As per the legal complaint, Komoroski was given an excessive quantity of alcoholic beverages despite being visibly intoxicated following a day of revelry.

In spite of her past of drug and alcohol misuse, Komoroski’s previous employer, the Taco Boy, along with her unidentified supervisor, are also accused of “welcoming, motivating, urging, and ultimately forcing [Komoroski] to consume excessive amounts of alcohol until she appeared visibly intoxicated.”

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