El piloto de la avioneta que se estrelló tras violar el espacio aéreo de Washington D.C. fue visto inconsciente dentro de la nave

According to a government source, it was reported by NBC News that the pilot of the Cessna plane, who violated restricted airspace in Washington D.C. And subsequently crashed in Virginia on Sunday, resulting in the deaths of all four people on board, was observed bent over inside the aircraft by the fighter pilots dispatched to intercept him after he failed to acknowledge numerous attempts to communicate with him.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), leads the investigation to determine what caused the accident after the pilot failed to respond to the communications from airport authorities and the aircraft was followed by an F-16 fighter jet.

According to the NTSB, federal authorities are analyzing the location where it fell near Montebello and “have started the process of documenting the scene and examining the plane,” as stated in a statement on Monday.

Gerhardt stated that the aircraft’s engines, weather circumstances, pilot credentials, and maintenance records will be investigated, as per usual. Gerhardt suggested that additional equipment might shed light on the pilot’s fate and the reason for the plane’s deviation from its intended course. Additionally, Gerhardt mentioned that although a black box was not mandated for the plane, the wreckage is extensively fragmented and dispersed across a mountainous region, which will require several days to retrieve, as reported by Adam Gerhardt, an NTSB investigator, to The Associated Press news agency.

The preliminary report will be ready in ten days, at the end of a year or two, after systematically and slowly explaining, removing, and eliminating components and elements that are all on the table.

According to the Pentagon, six F-16 jets were deployed to intercept the aircraft when it encroached upon the protected airspace of Washington D.C.

He asserts that he unlocked the aircraft entrance because he felt suffocated and desired to disembark… At an altitude of 700 feet.

The aircraft was intercepted by fighters from the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) after it deviated from its course over the capital. This occurred near the George Washington and Jefferson national forest around 3:30 p.M. (Eastern time), following multiple unsuccessful attempts to establish contact with the pilot prior to the crash.

According to a government source, NBC News, a news network, stated that the plane may have crashed as a result of fuel depletion. The combatants discovered that the pilot was unable to function.

The private plane had taken off from Elizabethtown, Tennessee and was heading towards New York City, specifically towards MacArthur Airport on Long Island, but it made a U-turn for reasons that people in Washington, D.C. Are unaware of.

After a family visit in North Carolina, his daughter, a 2-year-old granddaughter, and their nanny were returning to their home in East Hampton, New York, according to John Rumpel, a 75-year-old owner of the airplane registered under the name of Encore Motors of Melbourne, who stated this to The New York Times newspaper.

The man also declared to The Washington Post that no one could survive the speed descent crash that his entire family was on, and he “regretted” it.

The gap between seats creates a challenging mission for evacuating an airplane, and lawmakers are aware of this.

According to flight monitoring portals, the plane crashed in St. Mary’s Wilderness before descending at a rate of over 30,000 feet (just over 9,000 meters) per minute.

Personal de búsqueda y rescate sale de un puesto de comando en el bosque St. Mary's en camino a Blue Ridge Parkway para buscar el lugar en el que chocó una avioneta Cessna Citation sobre terreno montañoso, el domingo 4 de junio de 2023, en Montebello, Virginia.
Personal de búsqueda y rescate sale de un puesto de comando en el bosque St. Mary’s en camino a Blue Ridge Parkway para buscar el lugar en el que chocó una avioneta Cessna Citation sobre terreno montañoso, el domingo 4 de junio de 2023, en Montebello, Virginia.Randall K. Wolf / AP

El NORAD atribuyó al caza F-16 la explosión escuchada en la capital el domingo, al rebasar el avión la barrera del sonido.

In the statement, it was mentioned that “During this incident, the NORAD aircraft also deployed flares — which may have been visible to the public — in an attempt to catch the pilot’s attention”.

“Considering the NORAD statement, the flares are employed with the highest level of caution to ensure the safety of the intercepted aircraft and individuals on the surface. These flares are rapidly and entirely consumed, posing no threat to the individuals on the surface when deployed.”

The police added that they did not find any survivors. Their officers were notified of a potential collision shortly before 4 p.M. And the rescue workers arrived on foot at the accident site about four hours later.

President Joe Biden was informed, according to a White House official, that the President was playing golf with his brother Jimmy at Andrews Joint Base in Maryland on Sunday, returning late from a trip to the White House.

As culprits, the experts and investigators examining accidents involving incapacitated pilots often point to cabin depressurization and hypoxia, or oxygen loss.

On March 8, 2014, when boarding a flight from Kuala Lumpur to China with 239 passengers, the incident of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 going missing was also considered. The demise of professional golfer Payne Stewart in a Learjet crash in 1999, attributed to hypoxia, was also taken into consideration.