Erica Mena Calls out Safaree Samuels After His Romance with Amara La Negra is Revealed

Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena’s divorce led to a messy co-parenting relationship


Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels’ marital problems were publicly aired during the recent season of “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta.” Erica took to social media and the show to voice her complaints, accusing Safaree of infidelity. She specifically alleged that he cheated on her with Kaylin Garcia, who is Joe Budden’s ex-girlfriend. Kaylin denied any involvement with Safaree, but Erica remained unconvinced. Amidst their struggles to communicate without drama, Erica decided to end the marriage.

Divorce Drama

Safaree initially refused to sign the divorce documents, much to Erica’s frustration. She did not want to be trapped in an unhappy marriage and felt that there was no hope for improvement. Eventually, Safaree relented and signed the paperwork. While Erica was relieved to be free from the marriage, their co-parenting relationship brought new challenges.

Erica’s Accusations

Erica took to social media multiple times to call out Safaree. She accused him of being an uninvolved father and not providing enough financial support for their children. Erica also claimed that Safaree prioritized spending time with other women over being with their children, an allegation Safaree vehemently denied. He insisted that he was a highly involved father.

Erica Mena speaks out after Amara La Negra and Safaree Samuels’ romance is revealed

Safaree’s New Romance

Safaree found himself in the midst of more drama as news spread that he attended the birthday party for Amara La Negra’s twins. Rumors began circulating that Safaree and Amara were now dating. Safaree has also been filming scenes for the upcoming season of “Love And Hip Hop Miami” with Amara. To further fuel the speculation, Safaree gifted Amara’s daughters with Rolex watches during the party.

Erica’s Reaction

Erica did not hold back her thoughts on Safaree’s latest actions. Taking to Instagram, she expressed her disappointment in Safaree’s treatment of their own children compared to the gifts he gave Amara’s kids. Erica claimed that her daughter’s recent 3rd birthday was celebrated with just a cake and a few balloons in Safaree’s living room. She also revealed that Safaree failed to do anything for their son’s 1st birthday until two weeks after the fact, and even then, it was just balloons in his living room.

Erica’s Criticism and Accusations

Erica criticized Safaree for being a “deadbeat clown” at Amara’s twins’ circus-themed birthday party while neglecting their own children. She also accused Safaree of running off to Miami to film for “Love And Hip Hop Miami” because she refused to take him back. Erica even mentioned that Safaree owed $8,000 in medical bills from the previous year and urged him to pay them.

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