Erika Lees Donalds, Byron Donalds’ Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Erika Donalds, the wife of Congressman Byron Donalds from Florida, is a former school board member and an education entrepreneur. She is being put forward as the nominee for Speaker of the House by a group of Republican holdouts who oppose Kevin McCarthy, the Majority Leader in the House GOP.

He was re-elected for a second term in 2020. Before being elected to represent Florida’s 19th Congressional District in 2020, Byron Donalds served in the House of Representatives in Florida. According to her social media profiles, Erika Donalds has been a frequent guest on conservative talk radio shows, TV shows, and Fox Business. She has also been involved in Republican movements and politics across Florida, and she has a long history of being elected to office. Currently, her husband sits in elected office while Erika Donalds serves as a representative.

Erika Donalds, a Christ follower and #BoyMom, describes herself as the Happiest on the Beach. From 2014 to 2018, she served on the Board of Education for Collier County. According to her LinkedIn profile, she is the CEO of OptimaEd, an education company that runs several charter schools. Additionally, she is a Liberty Lover and the wife of Byron.

Here’s what you should understand about Erika Donalds, the wife of Byron Donalds:.

According to her Facebook profile, Erika Lees Donalds obtained her master’s degree, also in accounting, from Florida Atlantic University in 2006 and completed her accounting degree at Florida State University in 2002. As mentioned on her Facebook page, she attended Chamberlain Senior High School in Tampa, Florida. Erika Lees Donalds hails from Tampa, Florida.

“Repeatedly, I select you without hesitation. My champion, my perfect match, and the most excellent choice I’ve ever made! Commemorating 19 years with the person I love dearly,” expressed Erika Donalds on her Facebook post in March 2022. As per Erika’s Facebook profile, the pair has been wedded since March 15, 2003. Byron Donalds, Erika Donalds’ spouse, also studied at Florida State and completed his education in 2002.

Byron Donalds expressed his gratitude on Facebook, stating that he feels fortunate to have Erika as his life partner, the mother of their three sons, and his dedicated spouse. He accompanied his heartfelt message with a photo from their wedding in March 2022, commemorating their anniversary. Byron Donalds emphasized the importance of acknowledging this special day and extended his warm wishes to his beloved wife, Erika.

2. Erika & Byron Donalds Have 3 Sons: Damon, Darin & Mason

As stated in Byron’s House website biography, Erika and Byron Donalds are parents to three sons: Damon, Darin, and Mason. In June 2022, on Father’s Day, Erika Donalds shared a picture of their family on Instagram and expressed, “Wishing you a joyful Fathers Day, @byrondonalds! I have consistently believed that the existence of our boys is a gift from God to ensure that the world is blessed with more individuals like you. We adore you and commemorate the wonderful heritage you are creating for future generations.”

Damon Donalds, a sophomore defensive lineman, plays college football for the Holy Cross Crusaders in Massachusetts, as mentioned on the school’s official website. He completed his high school education at the Community School of Naples.

“Reconnected and it feels delightful! @Damon.D59 has returned home for the holidays and everything is in perfect harmony for this joyful mother 🥰,” she expressed. She shared a picture of her sons on Instagram in December 2021.

3. Erika Donalds Became a Face of the School Choice Movement in Florida After She Says Her Son Had a ‘Negative Experience’ in a Public School, Leading to Her Run for the Local School Board

According to a list in the article, Erika Donalds faced a long waiting list but tried to get her son into a charter school. Her husband and she had a negative experience in public schools when her middle son became interested in school choice. She told the newspaper “PoliticsFlorida” that the face of school choice in Florida serves as the context.

In 2014, Erika Donalds emerged victorious as a Republican in the Collier County School Board after embracing the cause of school choice. Nevertheless, she made the decision to forgo seeking re-election in 2018 due to her desire for increased quality time with her family, as she disclosed to FloridaPolitics.Com.

Erika is a former elected member of the Collier County School Board and currently serves on the advisory boards for the Education Freedom Center, the Forum for Independent Women, and the Liberty for Moms Test Learning Classical. She also serves as a member of Governor DeSantis’ Workforce Development and Education Committee Advisory, as well as the 2017-2018 Florida Constitution Revision Commission. According to the OptimaEd website, she is affiliated with the Gulf Coast University in Florida.

4. Erika Donalds Founded OptimaEd in November 2017 After a Career in Finance


The website of OptimaEd states that Erika was named one of the “40-Under-40” by Gulfshore Business in 2014. In addition to serving on the firm’s Management Committee, she was responsible for operations, compliance, and finance, and she served with the company for almost 20 years. Before launching her career as a Partner and Chief Compliance Officer/Chief Financial Officer at investment management firm DGHM, Erika worked in finance and became involved in education.

Our organization is built on fundamental values such as honesty, expertise, and dedication. OptimaEd prioritizes the development of exceptional educational opportunities and expanding the availability of top-notch choices for students and their families. Erika Donalds, who is a mother of three, emphasized the importance of empowering parents to choose the best academic setting for each child on the OptimaEd website. She established OptimaEd in 2017.

I hope you will join us. We are committed to bringing virtue and knowledge to every student we serve. Optima uses time-tested methods to prepare students to face the inevitable challenges and to equip them with critical thinking skills. As a forward-thinking force for the refinement and innovation of our tools, we seek to be a valuable resource for the education community. “We,” she added.

5. Erika Donalds Spoke Out Over the Rules for Unvaccinated Attenders, Like Herself, of a Reception for Congressional Spouses Hosted by First Lady Jill Biden at the White House in March 2022

I should be tested for COVID and not allowed to talk, drink, or eat if I am an unvaccinated person with natural immunity. Erika Donalds tweeted that I was invited to a reception at the White House for Congressional spouses, along with other spouses, by First Lady Jill Biden. Erika Donalds gained attention in March 2022 when she posted about the rules for the reception.

Based on her Facebook page, she made an appearance on Fox News alongside Tucker Carlson to discuss the occasion. On Facebook, she expressed her gratitude towards First Lady Jill Biden but also expressed her lack of enthusiasm for a gathering where she is expected to abstain from consuming food and beverages and maintain a distance of 6 feet. She went on to state that The White House should abandon these absurd requirements and allow individuals to have their freedom.

In the capital of the United States, I had already finalized my travel arrangements to attend the gathering after not receiving the COVID guidelines. I’m among the minority of conservative spouses who will genuinely agree to an invitation from the presidential residence, and I confirmed my attendance. The organizers dispatched a notice to reserve the date for this event, and to put it mildly, it was not particularly welcoming, as stated by Erika Donalds to Carlson.