Every Fact We Could Sleuth About Lauren Sánchez, AKA Jeff Bezos’s New Fiancée

If you’re feeling nosy and want to get up to speed quickly, here are some fast facts for you to know immediately about Lauren and this whole new ‘ship.

Spot guests might include those that you’ve been familiar with, so if you’ve seen Lauren on Good Day L.A. At 10 News, you might also recognize her as a cohost and correspondent on Extra. Additionally, you might recognize her as the original host of So You Think You Can Dance.

Oh, and Also? She’s an Emmy Winner!

Those were the good old days. Sigh. Lauren won an Emmy for her work as a co-anchor on UPN 13 News, and she was also nominated for an Emmy for her work on Deep Going magazine sports.

She Has Her Own Production Company

It is referred to as Black Ops Aviation and specifically focuses on aerial cinematography and production. It is logical, given that Lauren possesses a helicopter license.

“But he’s extremely skilled,” stated Lauren to CNN. “I’m like, ‘No, no. Ascend. Alright. Alright, Reduce speed. But he’s extremely skilled.” When he’s piloting, I simply have to peer out the window, simply appreciate the landscape” Oh, and apparently Jeff acquired the ability to pilot the helicopter when they began their relationship, but he’s not exceptional at it: “I’ve come to understand that when I’m seated in the rear of the helicopter.

She Was Previously Married

Lauren was wedded to Hollywood representative Patrick Whitesell, and they had two offspring together.

They both have a child and Lauren used to be in a romantic involvement with Tony Gonzales, who is an NFL tight end. In an interview with WSJ Magazine, she expressed that their collaboration in raising their child is excellent. She also pointed out that she has gained more knowledge and understanding in co-parenting from her past experience with Tony, compared to what Jeff might have. Tony and his spouse are her closest companions. Although there used to be tension in their relationship, Tony and Tobie celebrated Thanksgiving with them and now they have become very close friends.

She and Jeff Made Their First Public Appearance at Wimbledon in 2019

And They Did Their First Red Carpet a Year Later

For an Amazon occasion, naturally:

“And that is merely a minuscule illustration. The cluster of individuals that she bestows birthday gifts upon is enormous. She never overlooks a birthday. Hence, she serves as a source of motivation in that manner. Lauren is the utmost benevolent, most compassionate individual that you could ever encounter,” Jeff conveyed to CNN, as the couple has grown more open about their relationship subsequently.

Lauren stated, “We consistently gaze at one another and we form the team.” “Furthermore, we deeply care for one another… We are truly exceptional comrades, and we also delight in each other’s company,” In the meantime.

They Blended Their Families

“When asked about how they spend Saturday nights, Lauren told CNN that it is a lengthy process to discover a movie… Collaboratively. Subsequently, we proceed to watch the chosen film. With a total of seven individuals, there is ample room for dialogue and exchange of ideas. This always proves to be enjoyable and leads to engaging conversations. Following this, we have a family dinner with the kids. I would describe it as a typical routine,” Lauren explained. “We may appear unexciting, but it seems like everyone enjoys spending quality time together. Jeff and Lauren are both parents.”

She Has a Book Coming Out

(Just kidding, just kidding.) It’s unclear at this time if Mike Pence, the head of the fly on his head incident, is the main story of his life. It was Flynn who flew the fly, that’s what it’s called.

Lauren and Jeff Work Together on ~Philanthropic Initiatives~

I can now think that I will always be with him and work. I’ve always had a very separate career from my partner. “Magazine WSJ telling, Lauren loves working with her fiancé and they’re giving away money, but they’re not truly sure what they’re doing because they’re keeping it vague,” is the greatest experience she has ever had.

She Was Born in the Same Hospital as Jeff

According to her statement to WSJ, it appears that Lauren and Bezos were both born in Albuquerque, New Mexico “only six years apart”. I suppose it could be considered destiny?