Extraterrestrial ‘technical supremacy’ top concern, Pentagon UFO investigator says

The top concern for military personnel analyzing more than 800 reported sightings of mysterious cases dating back decades in the U.S. Remains the technical superiority of extraterrestrial beings or “intelligent entities,” says the leading intelligence officer and scientist of the Pentagon’s task force for unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAPs), which the public calls UFOs.

AARO or Office Resolution Anomaly All-Domain, according to Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, stated in his first exclusive interview after his appointment, “we will follow the information and data, and science will guide you to where you need to go”.

Last year, Congress established an office to coordinate efforts across federal agencies to focus on mitigating potential threats to national security and military operations, particularly in the underwater and outer space environments, and identifying and detecting mysterious objects of interest in the air.

Kirkpatrick stated, “It is a common misconception that all extraterrestrial phenomena are the same and that they are all possible.”

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“He said that we should have a government-wide data collection initiative that ensures everyone is involved in the process of making and reviewing peer agreements. This includes reviewing and matching each known object against our set criteria to ensure thoroughness.”

AARO has examined certain high-profile UAP sightings, including video recordings taken by Navy sailors in congressional hearings in 2019, where glowing triangles floating above them were highlighted.

Kirkpatrick stated, “continue to make slow and ongoing evidence-based decisions, emphasizing that the majority of cases reviewed by the office have been readily established and explainable.”

As per his account, numerous reported incidents are later ascribed to likely be balloons, unmanned drones, debris, or beings, like large birds.

The video from 2019 was subsequently identified as regular drones distorted by night-vision goggles.

Kirkpatrick stated, “We possess extraterrestrials. I am knowledgeable about various objects such as birds, drones, and balloons that exist at the far end of the spectrum, and so on. It’s advanced technology that originates from an adversary, specifically at one extreme end of the spectrum. I have a complete range of hypotheses.”

Among the reports, which includes the 2004 incident known as the “Tic Tac” event, a minority of approximately 2-5% of cases remain unexplained anomalies.

Kirkpatrick said, “Is that what it’s all about, getting more and more information? Then I can see that things resemble Tac Tic more and more.” “I don’t like to guess and I don’t like to guess on this case,” Kirkpatrick said, “It’s really hard to guess on this, It’s.”

According to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center in 2021, a majority of 51% likely believe that the government is investigating UAPs. Additionally, sixty-five percent of Americans believe that intelligent life exists beyond Earth.

“I cannot exclude it, but I have no proof,” Kirkpatrick stated.

The House Oversight Committee announced earlier this week that it will hold a hearing on the phenomena, in which the Pentagon has said that unproven allegations made by a whistleblower will be pursued by Republican lawmakers. The government is secretly claiming that partially intact alien spacecraft exists.

Two former government intelligence analysts came forward last month, alleging that details of the alleged craft are being illegally withheld from the American people and Congress, with no evidence to substantiate their claims.

When questioned about the accusations, Kirkpatrick responded, “So far, none of it has resulted in any provable evidence that supports the assertion that the U.S. Government possesses those vessels or engages in a reverse engineering initiative, either in the past or at present. We have conducted interviews with nearly 30 individuals who have willingly shared their accounts, and out of all those individuals.”

He minimized the potential presence of a covert program that he is not aware of, stating, “We have not been denied anything.”

He stated, “We are conducting an investigation. Furthermore, they have witnessed something – we now trust their testimony – and have expressed that several of these (informants) hold this belief.”

The spread of conspiracy theories generated by the UAPs has sparked a feeling of bipartisan urgency on Capitol Hill.

The proposed Legislation, backed by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, called for greater transparency by the Government this month, unless reports related to UAP were released publicly and collected by the National Archives within 25 years of their creation, there is a compelling national security concern.

During a hearing in the House Intelligence Committee on UAPs in 2022, Representative Adam Schiff stated that there are significant national security and potential interest questions that pose tremendous importance. It seems that we are still uncertain about the various directions in which science is moving, and there is something present – multiple measurable instruments, perhaps – that indicates the existence of something.

Several congressional committees have also investigated worries that the enigmatic sightings could be proof of monitoring by foreign nations.

During an Armed Services Committee hearing in April, Republican Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa expressed, “My main concern is that we comprehend the complete spectrum of dangers presented by our opponents in every field.”

The main focus is on gathering evidence and facts for Kirkpatrick. He mentioned, “Throughout history, these allegations and stories arise repeatedly.” “I’m not going to jump to conclusions until we have more data.”

Kirkpatrick expressed that the discovery of intelligent alien life would likely be the most favorable result of this endeavor, and he opines that it is not statistically improbable to consider its existence, in response to being questioned about his beliefs on the matter.

Luis Martinez, a correspondent from ABC News, made a significant contribution to this report.