Fans Outraged By Disney’s Live-Action Nani Cho for Lilo & Stitch

Good, It was set in Kaua’i, Hawaii and followed the story of Lilo, a lonely young girl who befriends a chaotic blue alien and teaches him how to be good.

Live-Action Lilo Stitch

Nani was a cherished animated character. She deeply cared for her sister, Lilo, and worked hard to keep her with her after their parents’ death. She is kind and never discourages Lilo from pursuing her interests, often being the voice of reason. She has prominent ethnic features, including brown eyes, darker “olive” skin, and black hair.

Sydney Agudong, an actress of Filipino and Hawaiian descent, who grew up on the island of Kaua’i much like the Pelekai sisters, felt that she was accused of whitewashing and being too light-skinned by conforming to “Eurocentric beauty standards” and “white passing” for the character she was picking in Disney.

Should we ensure that the Islanders of the Pacific, who have darker skin, are given adequate representation in terms of their integral features and characteristics, instead of erasing their names and glorifying eurocentric beauty standards? It’s unbelievable that in 2023 we still have not achieved this.

Fan Response

After learning about Agudong’s casting as Nani, many fans took to Twitter to sarcastically complain about Agent Bubbles fan-casting McConaughey Matthew.

Before all this happened, the reason seemingly for the movie, someone called cps on them, and the white girl in her class would get bullied by Lilo for no apparent reason. Also, Nani would randomly get laid off from her jobs, and y’all remember how “pasteleria” received a response from this commenter, who was unaware that the animated movie had a theme of race.

“This film is incredibly lavish. The state of Hawaii has forcefully presented a statement about the history of US colonialism, specifically addressing issues of indigeneity and colorism. Nani, who works alone at the ‘Luau’ Fakey, described it as a job that is politically aggressive.”

Disney and Hollywood Accused of Colorism

Often, the performer appears to possess the palest complexion imaginable when accurately chosen actors of the respective ethnicity are cast to portray specific characters. There still persist concerns, and although there have been advancements and greater inclusivity in casting, Disney and Hollywood have faced criticism from fans on previous occasions.

Supporters are hopeful that Disney and Hollywood will address the problems of whitewashing from previous instances and subsequently select actors with a more diverse range of skin tones in upcoming projects.

Although Sydney Agudong’s casting has not been officially confirmed, it is clear that fans are not happy.


  • Disney recently selected Sydney Agudong to portray Nani, which has sparked widespread outrage among the public.
  • Supporters are accusing Hollywood and Disney of “obvious color discrimination”.
  • Disney may reconsider its decision due to the unfavorable reaction towards Agudong.
  • Do you think Disney will cast Agudong as Nani for a live-action Lilo & Stitch after this response?