Florida Attorney General: A voter’s guide to the 2022 election

  • Aramis Ayala is challenging Ashley Moody in a ‘longshot’ attempt to become the Attorney General of Florida.
  • Aramis Ayala secures the Democratic nomination for attorney general in Florida to go up against Ashley Moody.
  • Starting with the primary election, Leon Sheriff supports Attorney General Ashley Moody and Charlie Crist as candidates for governor.
  • Beginning with the main candidate, let’s examine how three Democratic contenders for attorney general in Florida are seeking to oust Ashley Moody from her role.
  • Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody, right, faces challenger Aramis Ayala.


    Aramis Ayala

    Party: Democrat.

    Age: 47.

    Profession: Attorney/professor.

    Ayala has experience working as a public defender and state attorney for the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court. She earned her degrees from the University of Michigan and the University of Detroit.

    Website: aramisayalafl.Com.

    Former Orange and Osceola State Attorney Aramis Ayala seeks to be Florida Attorney General

    In simpler terms, what do you bring to the position? What attributes do you possess that make you eligible to serve as the attorney general and chief law enforcement officer of the State of Florida?

    I have always fought for justice. My commitment to justice and ethical principles is unmatched. As the first Black Attorney in Florida, I have created innovative pre-trial diversion programs and initiatives to support victims of domestic violence and hold the police accountable. I am determined to build healthier and safer communities by challenging the existing status quo.

    Is the primary duty of the Attorney General to serve as a representative and supporter of citizens or as a representative of state government when policies face challenges?

    I am a lawyer who prioritizes advocating for the security and freedoms of citizens’ rights. My top priority is serving as the Attorney General.

    ►► The definitive voter’s guide to the 2022 general election in Leon County, Tallahassee.

    Ashley Moody

    Party: Republican.

    Age: 47.

    Occupation: Florida’s thirty-eighth Attorney General.

    Florida’s Attorney General has been serving as a Judge in the Circuit Court for over a decade, prosecuting offenses related to fraud, firearm, and drug. They joined the US Attorney’s Office as a lawyer and began their legal career with Knight & Holland, showcasing their qualifications.

    Website: ashleymoody.Com.

    Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody listens as President of the Senate Wilton Simpson presents an opening statement to the Florida Senate during the opening day of the 2022 Florida Legislative Session Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2022.

    Q: What abilities do you have that make you a proficient leader?

    As the Chair of the Statewide Human Trafficking Council, I have led the efforts in combating senior fraud and the opioid epidemic in Florida over the past four years as the Attorney General. We have created a special team of dedicated investigators and attorneys to stop abuse and fraud, and we have secured billions for the recovery efforts by targeting those responsible for the deadly marketing and distribution of opioids. We will continue to build on existing partnerships with local and state agencies to address this horrific practice. Our focus is on implementing both short-term and long-term solutions by bringing all stakeholders together to tackle these challenges.

    Q: If chosen, what laws or policies will you promote while serving in a position of power?

    Big Tech is pushing for federal enforcement of laws preventing harmful actions and ensuring public safety in immigration. I will remain focused on upholding the rule of law while fighting against federal overreach. That is why I am proud to have the endorsement of 97 percent of Florida Sheriffs, along with statewide business organizations, senior citizens, state attorneys, and first responders. While working to make Florida safer and stronger, I will continue to address issues such as the senior scams epidemic, opioid epidemic, and human trafficking, and remain at the forefront of these concerns.