FPT profit nearly 2,900 billion after the first 4 months, up 19% over the same period

FPT’s information technology services segment in foreign markets continued its impressive growth, with revenue reaching VND 7,315 billion, equivalent to an increase of 32%.

On May 18, FPT Joint Stock Company (HoSE: FPT) said its revenue and pre-tax profit in the first four months of 2023 reached VND 15,749 billion and VND 2,880 billion, up 21.2% respectively. and 19.1% over the same period.

With this business result, profit after tax for shareholders of parent company and EPS reached VND 2,019 billion and VND 1,841 respectively, up 20% and 19.3% respectively.

A representative of FPT said that its foreign market information technology services segment continued its impressive growth, with a revenue of VND 7,315 billion, equivalent to an increase of 32%, led by growth from Japanese market (up 36.4%) and APAC (up 64%).

“The Japanese market saw revenue growth in yen terms of 46.3%, driven by the large demand for information technology spending in this market after a long time being affected by Covid-19. The volume of new orders signed in foreign markets reached VND 12,359 billion, equivalent to a growth of 37.1%,” emphasized FPT.

In 2023, FPT aims to grow 18.8% in revenue and 18.2% in profit before tax, equivalent to 52,289 billion VND and 9,055 billion VND. In which, technology sector continues to play a leading role in growth with expected revenue of 31,150 billion dong, up 20.9% over the same period, pre-tax profit reaching 4,166 billion dong, up 23.8% compared with the same period.

Last year, FPT’s revenue and pre-tax profit reached VND 44,010 billion and VND 7,662 billion respectively, up 23.4% and 20.9% respectively compared to 2021, exceeding the set plan.

At the 2023 annual general meeting of shareholders last month, FPT General Director Nguyen Van Khoa said that the business divisions and fields of this enterprise will devote all resources and save every opportunity to ensure growth. stable growth in 2023.

Specifically, FPT’s technology sector aims to contract tens or hundreds of millions of dollars in the US, Japan, and Europe and invests from 35 to 50 million USD per year for M&A and territory expansion goals; promote digital transformation to create happiness for the Government, businesses and people. FPT’s telecommunications division will invest heavily in infrastructure, with more undersea fiber optic cables, speeding up the investment progress than other service providers. The field of education continues to expand in both Vietnam and the world.

About FPT Joint Stock Company

FPT Joint Stock Company (source: internet)

What is FPT?

FPT with full name FPT Joint Stock Company (English name: FPT Group ) is an information technology service company. FPT Company operates in three main fields: technology, telecommunications and education. FPT owns telecommunications infrastructure covering 59/63 provinces in Vietnam and is constantly expanding its operations in the global market. The company currently has 46 offices in 22 countries and territories outside of Vietnam.

During its operation, FPT has always made efforts with the highest goal of bringing satisfaction to customers. With more than 30 years of operation and development, the company has achieved many outstanding achievements. The company’s revenue in 2019 reached VND 27,717 billion. The total number of employees of the company is now more than 28,700 people.

What is the meaning of the company name FPT?

FPT Corporation is a brand that is no longer strange to the majority of Vietnamese people. However, few people know where this brand name comes from and what is the meaning of that name?

The word FPT stands for the English phrase ” Food Processing Technology “. The birth of this brand name comes from the original business field of the company. FPT’s predecessor was a food technology company under the National Institute of Technology, where Mr. Binh and his associates used to work. But then, the company decided to move into the field of information technology and telecommunications like the way FPT operates today.

However, despite moving to a new business area, no longer following the food technology industry, the company’s leaders still agreed to keep the original name. That is the reason for the birth of the brand name FPT.

Who is the president of FPT company?

The leader of FPT Group is also the founder of the company, Mr. Truong Gia Binh , one of the 15 richest billionaires in Vietnam. Mr. Binh currently holds more than 43 million FPT shares, with an estimated value of VND 2516 billion. The amount of assets that Mr. Truong Gia Binh owns is up to 2800 billion VND. He is the “captain” who has led and steered the development of FPT as it is today.

FPT’s member companies

FPT Group has 7 subsidiaries and 4 affiliated companies, the head office is located at FPT Building, Duy Tan Street, Hanoi. List of member companies under FPT include:

  • FPT Software Company Limited (FPT Software)
  • FPT Information System Company Limited (FPT Information System)
  • FPT Telecom Joint Stock Company (FPT Telecom)
  • FPT Online Services Joint Stock Company (FPT Online)
  • FPT Education Company Limited (FPT Education)
  • FPT Investment Company (FPT Investment)
  • FPT Smart Cloud Co., Ltd (FPT Smart Cloud)

4 companies associated with FPT include:

  • FPT Securities Joint Stock Company (FPT Securities)
  • FPT Investment Fund Management Joint Stock Company (FPt Capital)
  • Synnex FPT Joint Stock Company (Synnex FPT)
  • FPT Digital Retail Joint Stock Company (FPT Retail)

History of establishment and development of FPT Corporation

Take a look at the important milestones in the history of formation and development of FPT Joint Stock Company.

  • September 13, 1988 : FPT was established with the initial name of Food Processing Joint Stock Company operating in the fields of drying technology, information technology and automation technology.
  • October 27, 1990 : Changed its name to Technology Investment and Development Company with core business of information technology.
  • April 2002 : Technology Development and Investment Company became a joint stock company.
  • January 1, 2007 : FPT established FPT Retail Company Limited with the model of a one-member limited liability company.
  • March 13, 2007 : Established FPT Advertising Joint Stock Company (FPT Promo JSC) and Asia Pacific Software Company located in Singapore.
  • 2014 : FPT acquired IT company RWE IT Slovakia (a member unit of European Energy Group, RWE).
  • September 12, 2017 : FPT signed a cooperation agreement with investor Synnex Technology International Corporation.
  • In 2019 : Achieved total revenue of VND 27,717 billion, up 19.8%.

The company’s business situation in 2023

FPT Corporation has officially announced the company’s first quarter business results of 2021. Accordingly, FPT has achieved a growth in revenue and profit before tax of 17.0% and 18.9% over the same period in 2019. This level of revenue is equivalent to VND 6,631 billion and VND 1,142 billion, respectively. . completed 102% of the set plan.

In the context of businesses struggling because of the Covid-19 pandemic, FPT Joint Stock Company still achieved positive growth. Profit after tax belongs to shareholders of the parent company, reaching VND 937 billion and VND 747 billion, up 18% and 19.3% respectively. That helped the company’s stock to achieve basic profit at 1,101 dong/share.

FPT’s financial statements in foreign markets are also very impressive. In the Asia-Pacific (APAC) market, it reached VND 450 billion, contributing 16% to the company’s total revenue. The US market grew 28%, revenue reached VND 675 billion. Finally, in Japan and Europe, the growth rate is 19% and 17% respectively.

Products of FPT Corporation

Take a look at the outstanding products under the FPT brand that have been successfully manufactured and trusted by consumers!

Outstanding products of FPT Software

  1. FPT.AI artificial intelligence platform
  2. Self-driving car technology
  3. Digital processing service
  4. Digital conversion service

FPT Telecom’s products and services

  1. Internet service FPT High-speed fiber optic cable
  2. HD Play FPT TV service
  3. FPT Play Box TV receiver product