French Montana responds after 10 people shot during alleged music video shoot

French Montana has spoken out about a shooting incident that took place in his presence on Thursday (January 5). It was reported that 10 individuals were shot during a music video shoot in Miami.

Four victims were taken to an ambulance and airlifted to Ryder Trauma Center, while two others were taken to a nearby hospital area. Among the injured were 10 people, including rapper Rob49 from New Orleans, when gunfire broke out at a strip mall located in Miami’s Gardens. The incident occurred in the parking lot of a restaurant called Licking The Lot, where the rapper was reportedly filming, as reported by WSVN 7.

She said, “If anybody in the area heard about this incident, we would like to hear from you. According to Detective Diana Gourgue from the Miami Gardens Police Department, the shooting started in a different location before moving to Licking the – a black Rolls-Royce. A dispatcher from 9/11 quoted as saying that there were two people on the ground and soon after, the shooting took place on Thursday, before 8pm.”

We unfortunately left the restaurant at the wrong time and wrong place, and it is with our prayers and thoughts that we are with the families and victims who were hurt in that incident. In response to the news on Friday, Montana said in a tweet that he was celebrating the release of his mixtape ‘Coke Boys 6’ with friends.

Investigations have revealed that the necessary permits were not obtained by the organizers of the music video production. Chief MGPD Noel- Delma Pratt stated in a issued statement that the rapper had not been authorized to shoot “The Licking” video outside. It was reported that he had filmed a music video at the time but did not acknowledge it.

The City’s policy requires a permit application and appropriate enforcement of the law to ensure security. Unfortunately, as a result of disregarding the procedures, an unauthorized music video production led to this unfortunate situation.

Last night, I was in Miami celebrating the release of my CB6 mixtape w/ friends at a local restaurant. We unfortunately were at the wrong place, at the wrong time when an incident took place that left people hurt. Our thoughts & prayers are w/ the victims & families at this time

— French Montana (@FrencHMonTanA) January 6, 2023

Wilmark Baez, a witness who was allegedly recording his own video at the moment, stated to WSVN 7, “There were three corpses on the ground arranged, and there were two additional individuals moving around, injured.”

Mogul stated, “The gunfire was extremely rapid, resembling the sound of an assault rifle. Approximately 13, 14, or 15 shots were fired.” Mogul mentioned, “Approximately 13, 14, or 15 shots were fired. The gunfire was very fast-paced and reminiscent of an assault rifle.” Mogul recounted, “He requested to contact his mother and inquire about spare car keys, ensuring his well-being, when suddenly the gunfire erupted.” Mogul recounted an encounter with an individual from the crowd (gathered to witness Montana filming his video) who had experienced a robbery that night. Another eyewitness, Ced Mogul, shared an encounter with an individual from the crowd (gathered to witness Montana filming his video) who had been subjected to a robbery on that particular evening.

I was in a situation where I needed assistance, but no one was able to provide any help. People only realized that I needed help when I started asking for it. At first, they just ignored me like I didn’t exist. Then, finally, someone asked me what I needed help with. I was relieved to know that someone was willing to assist me. However, as soon as I started explaining, you suddenly turned your attention away from me and ran off.

They said it was originally across the street, but they moved over here on 22nd Avenue. The lighting wasn’t good, but suddenly, out of nowhere, 10 shots were fired back to back. A third witness, Kayla Sanchez, told the police that her boyfriend rented a Classic Chevy Montana for filming the video at that gas station.

“We’re worried about our dog and the car,” she said. “When they got to 22nd Avenue, she jumped out and someone’s car, and we understand what happened from Chola’s fingerprints being dusted for evidence. The police had confiscated the car that Chola went missing in, and Sanchez went on to say that her bulldog, Chola, was in that car during the shooting.”