Gio Reyna’s Mom Danielle Says She Reported Gregg Berhalter to U.S. Soccer

During the early 1990s, Gregg Berhalter, the coach of the USMNT, engaged in an act of domestic abuse, which was brought to the attention of U.S. Soccer by Gio Reyna’s mother, who is also the mother of the United States men’s national team star.

Danielle Reyna stated, “According to Fox Sports, Doug McIntyre, I am not aware of any attempts of blackmail or any threats made by me. I did not ask for Gregg to be fired and I want to make it very clear.”

After the news broke, Stewart Earnie, the director of U.S. Soccer, revealed during a leadership conference that she had been informed about Paul Tenorio’s negative statements regarding Gio, the Athletic’s coach.

During the conversation, I told Earnie that I thought it was especially unfair that Gio, who had apologized for acting immaturely and asked for forgiveness, was still being dragged through the mud when he was playing his time and doing something much worse at the same age. I also mentioned that I received forgiveness and asked Gregg when he significantly minimized the abuse from yesterday’s statements without going into detail on the night in question.

McIntyre shared her complete declaration:.

After Giovanni began receiving messages, he was told that he would have a limited role at the World Cup. ESPN reported that Claudio Reyna’s father, Carlisle Jeff, also sent multiple messages to U.S. Soccer executives, threatening to reveal sensitive details about Berhalter’s past.

Reyna was informed that he would have a limited role in the tournament after his son Gio started receiving messages.

Claudio Reyna said he was upset by Gregg’s comments about Gio after the U.S. Was knocked out of the World Cup, and he shared his frustrations about my son’s World Cup experience with a large number of close friends, denying any messages threatening to send.

Berhalter published a lengthy statement on Tuesday, admitting that he had kicked his months-long dating with Rosalind off in the fall of 1991.

Berhalter said that he alerted his friends and family about what happened and sought out counseling. He and Rosalind later got married and reconciled.

He stated, “during the previous weekend, we commemorated and rejoiced in our 25th wedding anniversary, the basis for a affectionate, committed, and encouraging partnership originated from the teachings acquired from that evening more than thirty years ago.”

Berhalter wrote that someone had reached out in an apparent effort to leverage something very personal from long ago to bring an end to my relationship with U.S. Soccer.

The extent of the investigation then expanded. U.S. Soccer declared that it authorized the legal company of Alston & Bird LLP to carry out an autonomous examination into accusations against the coach in collaboration with Berhalter’s statement.

The federation stated that U.S. Soccer has been informed by individuals external to our organization regarding possible improper conduct towards numerous staff members during this procedure. Such accusations have been incorporated into our extensive investigation, and we regard such behavior with great seriousness.

Gio Reyna is widely regarded as one of the most promising young prodigies on the national team, which was unexpected given that the 20-year-old only made two appearances and played a total of 53 minutes on the field in Qatar. The team was eliminated in the round of 16, and the limited playing time of Gio Reyna was one of the lesser-known narratives surrounding the United States at the 2022 World Cup.

After the USMNT’s tournament ended, it was revealed that there was a player within the squad who attended a leadership summit where Berhalter appeared and discussed the team’s expectations. This player, who was contemplating sending comments to the staff, ended up getting off the field and did not meet the expectations clearly stated in the Charterworks briefing.

It was revealed that Gio Reyna was the player in question.

Reyna expressed remorse to Berhalter and his teammates and admitted that she “allowed my feelings to overpower me and impact my preparation and conduct for a few days after discovering about my restricted position”. She mentioned in an Instagram post that she was “crushed” when she found out about her “restricted” role at the World Cup. In an Instagram post, Reyna conveyed her devastation upon discovering that she would have a “limited” role at the World Cup.

Berhalter no longer seems to be in command of the men’s national team. Stewart announced that Anthony Hudson will oversee the squad’s upcoming training camp after Berhalter’s contract expired at the end of 2022.