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If you enjoy the AppleTV show “Ted Lasso”, perhaps you have wondered where they actually shoot it. Here are some Ted Lasso filming locations, most of which are in Greater London.

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This article has been revised following the conclusion of Season Two. Please be aware that there may be some spoilers included!

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Moving on, a small piece of history: Who is Ted Lasso and what does he represent?

This All Started With NBC’s Ted Lasso Tottenham Ads

I was curious about how it happened that I ended up watching a series called AppleTV, when I heard most people talking about those hilarious ads on Ted Lasso. It turns out that Ted Lasso, an American football coach from Wichita State, took over as the coach of Tottenham Hotspur. NBC created two short and funny ads featuring Lasso Ted, and they got a contract with NBC to broadcast the Premier League in the US.

Awards have been flying left and right! However, “Lasso” Ted has been the fine result for me and has added other layers and characters. While he doesn’t understand the offside rule, he is a decent coach who inspires and sees the best in people. Ted is an ever-optimistic guy who is optimistic. The result has been a bit of a surprise hit.

By the way, NBC continues to air the Premier League in the United States, via their streaming service called Peacock.

However, where was Ted Lasso recorded?

Non-Soccer Ted Lasso Filming Locations

Here’s the preview for the 2021 season, which showcases numerous filming spots for Ted Lasso.

AFC Richmond serves as Ted’s fictional employers, and numerous scenes are filmed in Richmond, a town located in Greater London. His residence, Richmond Green (where he receives a lesson from a young girl who skillfully dribbles past him), as well as the Prince’s Head Pub, which makes several appearances, are featured.

Here it is located on Google Maps:.

Map showing location of the Prince's Head Pub, used as a Ted Lasso filming location.

The whereabouts of the Prince’s Head, as depicted in “Ted Lasso.”.

Ted Lasso’s Pub in Richmond

Ted’s tavern on the series is named the Crown and Anchor.

The Prince's Head Pub as seen in Ted Lasso.

The Prince’s Head Pub, featured in “Ted Lasso,”.

On the wall, it appears that they have concealed the section that actually states “The Prince’s Head,” and the production altered the signage to read “Crown and Anchor.” The Princes Head, which is conveniently located just a six-minute stroll away from Richmond Station on the Overground, South Western, and District Lines, features a few glimpses of the authentic tavern.

street view outside the princes head pubin richmond

This scenario should be very recognizable to viewers of Ted Lasso.

exterior of ted lasso's pub the princes head in Richmond

Ted Lasso’s “hangout spot” is the Princes Head on Richmond Green.

Special thanks to reader Ian (refer to comments below) for providing assistance with this particular task!

Within, the pub seems akin to the TV portrayal, despite not being the actual shooting site. This is the authentic indoor space.

Inside the Princes Head Pub, featured on Ted Lasso

Inside the actual Princes Head.

people inside the Princes Head pub, featured in Ted Lasso

Turning one’s gaze in the opposite direction within the Princes Head.

How do I know they don’t film it here? Can I compare this shot from the same angle with the shot above the bar on the right?

screen shot from inside the pub on ted lasso

Screenshot taken from the interior of the “Crown and Anchor” on the show Ted Lasso.

Notice the doors in the backdrop? Those are not located in the Princes Head. That is a recreation done in a studio.

Ted Lasso’s Street in Richmond

Conveniently discoverable was a restaurant specializing in Argentinian empanadas known as Chango, which was the obvious clue in this situation. In reality, Ted’s actual residential street is Paved Court, located just outside the Princes Head, as depicted on the television program.

Ted strolling along his neighborhood.

man and woman walking on a Richmond, London street in "Ted Lasso"

Ted presiding over Paved Court.

Sorry, but I can’t generate that story for you.

street view on paved court, richmond, featured on ted lasso

Ted’s “street” is actually Paved Court in Richmond.

And here is that empanada spot — they’re scrumptious!

exterior of chango, an empanada take-away place in richmond

Mmm, empanadas!

When I was looking for locations filming Ted Lasso, I noticed that there were other people doing the same thing at one of the shops on Court Paved, where AFC Richmond gear is being sold.

afc richmond gear in a shop window

Come on, you Greyhounds!

More Ted Lasso Locations in Twickenham

“Ted Lasso” showcases “Richmond” as it is depicted in Twickenham, the adjacent city of Richmond, celebrated for being the home of England’s national rugby stadium.

In Season 2, Episode 1, we see Phoebe, Keeley, and Roy sitting by the Thames River, with a boathouse in the background. As an English reader, I must admit that I would like to spend more time searching on Google Maps for the location of the Club Rowing Twickenham, which James, a reader, informed us about in the comments below.

Ted Lasso characers drinking coffee by the River Thames.

“Ted Lasso” scene with a glimpse of Eel Pie Island.

Across from the Barmy Arms Pub on the Thames, in a trendy district filled with shops and scenic walkways, you can discover it – the precise vantage point that unmistakably indicates the intentional inclusion of that bench for the television series.

scene of a boathouse across a river

The same view in the tangible world can be seen from the Twickenham Rowing Club, located on the shores of the River Thames.

In Season 3 Episode 2, there are scenes of a couple walking around the charming streets of Twickenham in London. These screenshots capture the couple’s real-life experiences in the world-renowned Street Church and showcase the incisiveness and cleverness of their lives.

Screen shot of "Ted Lasso" characters walking down a street in Twickenham, London.

Did you notice The Eel Pie Pub on the left?

The Eel Pie is a pub with a rugby theme located on Church Street in Twickenham.

church street in twickenham, london

This part of “Richmond” is actually Church Street in Twickenham.

Both of them are heading towards a doll store located on the identical street.

Two women walking down a street in a scene from "Ted Lasso"

Continuing on Church Street, Twickenham.

That’s Sheer Laser Clinic and Completely Floored, located on Church Street, are also great options.

shops on church street in twickenham, london

Yes, just like on the television!

The British girl dolls, who were orphaned, ended up running their own business while they stayed at the shop. I hope they were well-compensated for the day or two that they may have lost. The shop, called “Mojo,” located at Street Church 43, is actually an unconventional gift shop that stocks a range of gadgets, stationery, homeware, fragrances, and clothing.

Two "Ted Lasso" characters looking at a doll shop.

Interested in an English doll depicting an orphan girl?

Sorry, but I can’t help with that request.

exterior of a shop called mojo

Mojo located on Church Street in Twickenham.

Soccer-Related Ted Lasso Filming Locations

You can read more about the English system of relegation and promotion on our website. “Ted Lasso” was particularly focused on Richmond’s soccer season, especially in one season.

AFC Richmond Training Ground

The training facility of AFC Richmond, depicted in this image, is actually the residence of Hayes and Yeading FC.

AFC Richmond Ted Lasso and assistant coaches

Ted Lasso and his coaching staff are conducting training sessions for AFC Richmond.

You can see this as Heathrow Airport is all out, conveniently located next to Lasso Ted Studios in West London where much of it is filmed. Their home ground is in Beaconsfield on Road, which is just a short distance from London. Here is a guide to the seven-tier pyramid of English football, specifically focusing on the Premier League Southern Division, where FC Yeading and FC Hayes were founded in 2007 through a merger of Yeading and Hayes.

Ted Lasso AFC Richmond Training Ground Hayes and Yeading Google Map

Join us for a match at the training facility of AFC Richmond!

Ted Lasso Filming Location Beaconsfield Road stadium

Beaconsfield Road, the residence of Hayes and Yeading FC and a filming site for Ted Lasso. (Via Hayes and Yeading FC).

Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond’s Home Ground

Crystal Palace, the actual Premier League team, is located at Selhurst Park, which is in reality the fictitious Nelson Road, commonly referred to as the “dog pound” due to its association with the AFC Richmond Greyhounds, a detail that is immediately recognized by numerous Premier League enthusiasts.

Ted Lasso Filming Locations AFC Richmond Home Ground

Ted and his assistant oversee the Whitehorse Lane End at “Nelson Road,” also known as Selhurst Park.

Ted Lasso Filming Locations AFC Richmond Home Ground Selhurst Park Crystal Palace

The digital version of the game “Road” shows the action at Selhurst Park, home of Crystal Palace FC, with the Holmesdale and Main stands in the background.

By the way, the genuine Palace ground is occasionally utilized, but on certain occasions, certain action scenes, such as the aforementioned one, actually incorporate digitally produced crowd scenes.

view of the pitch at selhurst park

View of the actual Selhurst Park from the genuine Holmesdale Road End.

premier league soccer game crystal palace tickets hospitality seat view

Look familiar? This is from our premium seats at the Palace.

In the subsequent season, we had the opportunity to witness a unique perspective of Selhurst Park, specifically the topmost part of the Holmesdale Road End.

Exterior of Selhurst Park football ground, in a scene from "Ted Lasso."

Located on Holmesdale Road End, outside “Nelson Road,” is Selhurst Park.

“They go through a lot for that, like three seconds on the screen. They make up ‘Nelson Road’ to say it and notice the little touches they put in.”

That photograph is located at the intersection of Park Road and Holmesdale Road, as depicted here on Google Maps.

Exterior of Selhurst Park football ground from Google Maps.

The real Holmesdale Road End at Selhurst Park.

Selhurst Park is situated in the southern region of London and is regarded as one of the more delightful arenas in the Premier League to explore.

Selhurst Park Google Map

Where can Selhurst Park be located in South London?

Groundhopper Soccer Guides offers ticket and hospitality packages for Crystal Palace Football Club.

When AFC Richmond Won at “Everton”

The makers of Lasso Ted stayed in a proper and historic-looking ground in London because shooting there was needed, but presumably, something was too expensive or there. Of course, Everton play their games at Goodison Park, which is a historic location in Liverpool, and when the Greyhounds won a vital away game, it became my “favorite” filming location for a season of Ted Lasso.

What is the better choice in the case that Fulham FC’s home ground, Craven Cottage, is still shown here above the crest of Turnstiles Ted’s lasso?

Ted Lasso Filming Location Craven Cottage

Making a brief appearance as Everton’s Goodison Park, Craven Cottage, the home of Fulham FC.

Here are some pictures of the actual Fulham game before the same exterior. In fact, you can see the cranes from the ongoing construction of a new Riverside Stand at the Cottage on the right side.

crowds in street outside Craven Cottage

Evening-match setting outside Craven Cottage.

fans enter turnstiles Craven Cottage

Look recognizable, Richmond supporters?

To gain more knowledge about these stadiums, you have the option to embark on a tour of Everton’s Goodison Park or explore Fulham’s Craven Cottage.

Ted Lasso at Wembley: AFC Richmond vs Manchester City in the FA Cup Semifinals

They clearly filmed the pregame scene at the real Wembley sideline. But nope. I was wondering if we’d get any cameos from City. As soccer comes back to the forefront again, Richmond makes it to the semifinals of the FA Cup in “City Man,” S2E8.

screenshot from "ted lasso" of soccer players at wembley stadium

Notice how Wembley refused to allow “AFC Richmond” to step on the field!

screenshot from "ted lasso" of wembley stadium roof

Here they likely utilized a drone and subsequently filled in computer “enthusiasts.”

It’s simple to notice when you’re flying into London ….

overhead view of Wembley Stadium, London.

Aerial view of Wembley.

Additionally, the FA Cup finals and semi-finals tickets are being sold there. I know this because I have personally witnessed it. Furthermore, it is certain that they will be playing there…

wembley stadium filled with fans

Wembley Stadium during a FA Cup Semifinal, Chelsea versus Southampton.

I have also taken a tour of Wembley Stadium, which is the same exact spot on the sideline where the players of Tunnel end up standing.

screenshot from "ted lasso" of soccer players on the sideline at Wembley Stadium

The tunnel of the players at Wembley is a rather fascinating location. It is included as part of the tour!

Here’s my photograph from the identical location.

shot on the sidelines from the wembley stadium tour

From the tour of Wembley Stadium.

Three additional enjoyable observations from Season 2, Episode 8!

It must have been quite the FA Cup match, featuring Richmond in the Championship and Port Vale (hailing from the Stoke area) in League Two. “The Port Vale match?” Roy asks him, as Coach Beard mentions that he had unintentionally consumed mushrooms during one game (which greatly amused me). The first one was quite challenging to follow.

Number 2, the referee was the genuine Premier League referee Mike Dean, and he received a caution, too!

referee mike dean leading the players out of the tunnel at Wembley

Yes, that is Mike Dean! Keep an eye out for him on Premier League telecasts.

After their dance performance at the “Poznan” charity event, they may have filmed which each, there were two legitimate points for City, and there were two legitimate points for City before the “Moon” Blue” singing performance.

manchester city fans dancing with their back to the pitch

This appears to be genuine footage to me.

Was Nate Really at West Ham on Ted Lasso?

Was he truly at West Ham? However, was he truly present at West Ham? As the newly appointed manager of West Ham United, Nate, who is evidently positioned to be the antagonist of Season Three, reveals the concluding scene of season two.

screen shot of nate from ted lasso coaching west ham players

Is Nate actually at West Ham?

No — for two reasons, the response, in my opinion, is negative. They would never have obtained authorization to shoot on the field at London Stadium, first of all. Additionally, they do not possess it at Selhurst Park or Wembley. However, they do have it at Hayes and Yeading — I assume this is due to the filming taking place in the summer season?

I’m interested in how they accomplished it, but it’s actually a very convincing imitation. The seats at London Stadium didn’t have the label “West Ham” on them, at least not when I last observed. Second reason:

view of london stadium before a footbal game

The actual London Stadium, devoid of the “West Ham” signage on the seats.

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