Guilherme de Padoue, assassin of Daniella Perez, dies at 53

According to G1, the year 1992 witnessed the tragic murder of Daniella Perez, who happened to be the daughter of renowned author and producer Gloria Perez. Additionally, the unfortunate incident was accompanied by the demise of former actor Guilherme de Pádua, which occurred just yesterday (06).

At 53, Guilherme couldn’t resist after experiencing a cardiac arrest at his residence.

Pastor Márcio Valadão, the founder of Lagoinha Baptist Church, confirmed Guilherme, one of the pastors, and a member, as the source of this information.

Márcio stated, “He recently passed away. He toppled over and perished. Within the residence, he resided, completed his punishment, and transformed. Daniela Perez was apprehended for this horrendous offense. He sat on the front row with his spouse while I conducted the morning ceremony. Since it deeply affected me, she informed me about a pastor from our congregation who had recently departed, relayed by a sister who phoned me shortly before 10 p.M.”

Until now, no additional information regarding the incident has been disclosed.

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Padua, this year, faced controversy as he tried to speak out about the murder of Daniella Perez through his YouTube channel, following the backlash from the documentary ‘Brutal Pact: The Murder of Daniella Perez’.

In the video, he asserts that the manufacturing process is biased and that he did not desire to provide his statement.

The country was shocked by the crime, with Guilherme being sentenced to capital murder for 19 years. Surprisingly, Daniella was only 22 at the time.

Directed by Guto Barra and Tatiana Issa, the production also reconstructs the details of the five episodes that impacted Brazil in that case.

From the beginning of the video, Guilherme attempts to defend himself by stating:

I found out about that surprise about six months ago when I hadn’t been contacted. Is there anyone that you’ve heard from? I still didn’t know about this show when I left in May 2020 because it’s not true. I heard the news that my social networks would block me if I were aware of this series.

He continues to express that he will utilize social networking platforms to protect his own interests.

At the height of the pandemic, during that time, it seems that the debate was intense and the limits were removed. The media and social platforms are useful, but I have to defend myself. If I were to express my opinion, it would rightly pursue one side, as the press has never given me a voice and my life involves strong animosity.

He is currently attempting to deny the matter, which is the truth. There is no longer a party, thus he was convicted based on evidence. According to Guilherme de Pádua, this is the indisputable account, as the accusation of #PactoBrutal is not valid.

– Daniel Cesar (@demlocesar) on July 25, 2022.

Thomaz Nogueira Paula states that he will present new evidence about the crime with the help of his accomplice and ex-wife, throughout the video.

HBO is so famous for making such a professional mistake, leaving this space for a contestant to show proof that the hidden watch is from you. I can shatter some of these theses devastatingly.

Now 52, Pastor Pádua is the pastor of Lagoinha Baptist Church in his hometown of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. He says he thinks less and less about crime.

He acknowledges that Gloria and Daniella’s entire family endure the greatest burden from the tragedy, expressing his profound sadness and distress.

He states, “there is no way to rectify the past, but I have spent evenings attempting to mend this. [The situation] is not enjoyable, but I will not assume the role of the victim.”

Nonetheless, he asserts that he does not approve of the manner in which the narrative was conveyed in the documentary.

He explained, “HBO was able to do a very thorough job and give us viewers the right to do our own analysis, despite the missed opportunity. With their expertise and the evidence they have discovered, they intend to bring to light all the dynamics, hypotheses that fit, and proofs, which is what investigative journalism and investigative work mean. Are you going to watch a completely partial series?”

He finally says that he can bring some things in the case, but he doesn’t know exactly how or what to say or how to go about it.

Some items you can bring to me to wait. It’s about considering yourself, but is it right to say “my version” about it? This biased press wants to divert attention to sardines, but they don’t like what this brown press is doing. This show is completely based on the prosecution’s version.

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In 1992, Brazilian producer and author Perez Gloria’s daughter, Daniella, who was a winning international Emmy producer and author, was brutally murdered by Thomaz Paula and Pádua de Guilherme. The untimely death of the 22-year-old shook the country, and it gained notoriety as it occupied the front pages of national newspapers for years.

In this case of homicide that has two qualifications, the author presents the details of the investigations and the trial, sharing his experience through never-before-seen files. Gloria Perez revisits the story that forever altered her life, as she seeks to uncover the truth behind it, after a span of three decades.