Harryween and the Problem With Boys in Dresses

Styles Harry, the straight, cis, and white individual who captured the attention of many, was criticized on Twitter for his boring and uninteresting dress. Some individuals argued that Harry didn’t deserve to be on the cover, while others lamented the death of masculinity by calling him feminine. Despite this, I received numerous messages from gay men in my DMs praising Harry’s perfect quiff and stylish outfits, including traditionally female garments like crinoline dresses and tuxedo jackets. When I posted about Harry’s Vogue cover in the December 2020 print edition, I had never received so many messages from gay men, who found him charismatic, charming, and incredibly attractive.

If you haven’t already seen the pictures, I’m assuming you’re not aware that Harry Styles has been seen dressing up in a two-tone ruby booties and frilly knickers, paying homage to Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz with a bejeweled rainbow somewhere over the curtsied Styles Garden at Madison Square on Halloween night. When it comes to the dressing event, Lambert, who has the Midas touch, has overseen all of Harry’s wide-leg slacks and billowy masculine shirts, creating a custom Gucci look for his entirety of his solo tour, Love on Tour. And in the background, Harry is back in a dress.

The immediate backlash and overshadowing sentimentality with perhaps meaningful something say color of person reminds me how easy it is to hear on the internet, the micro spat anything achieved he’s and Porter Billy from detract to want don’t I. According to Styles All, he had to do “straight and white” be. Styles All claimed that the whole game of fashion changed himself by wearing, dress to journey Harry’s questioned, champion™ dress red-carpet Oscars Porter Billy after mere weeks comes this. Despite the connotations costume, the conscious public zipped back into the straightness cis white themes and dress, people lost their heads again once in Harry Styles’ dress.

Judy Garland saw us this weekend. Even from a distance, you can see Bowie, Mercury, and Elvis. The whole tour is referential and reverent. It’s a pure Halloween costume; the dress is harmless to me. I don’t think I should conform to gender norms on October 31st. Today, I am the only person who thinks Harry Styles is under pressure to give us commentary on masculinity. Should a straight man be responsible for our collective notions of sexuality and gender at the top of his pop game? Let’s assume his relative heterosexuality until he is unequivocally linked to Pete Davidson, the reigning king of dating labels. Styles isn’t keen on labels, and his desire is amorphous. Anyone who is genuinely affronted is for Harry.

Can we perhaps find a way for Dorothy and all her friends to spend one night together, even if it’s just for a short while? I used to think that the future belonged to liberals, but now I’m starting to see that conservatism is becoming more mainstream in America. Can Harry, who appears to be very woke, see past the surface of nonconformity and recognize the value of the traditional? It’s disappointing to see how divisive online interactions have become, with people feeling the need to retaliate even more fiercely. The Love Tour creates a very communal and joyful atmosphere, where everyone can feel free to be whoever they want to be. It’s a sensational and peculiar experience, something out of the ordinary. I can’t help but wonder if we’ll ever reach a point where boys can wear dresses without it being considered strange.