‘He Lit Up the Stage’: Family Mourns Taylor Swift Fan Killed After Concert

Bancroft, who is 26 years old, expresses, “We had an incredibly enjoyable time. The concert was absolutely breathtaking. The show was truly remarkable. We had an incredibly enjoyable time.” He was determined to witness her perform every song she has ever released. I assured him that if there was any concert worth attending, it was this one. It served as my Christmas gift to him since he had never experienced a live Taylor Swift performance before.

He exited the vehicle in order to move it towards the side of Houston’s Southwest Freeway when he was struck by another car and perished at the location, subsequent to a remarkable evening attending the Taylor Swift Eras Tour that concluded in a calamity, a situation that Bancroft is now holding onto with even greater intensity. It is those recollections of her sibling, and more. As reported by local news source KHOU11, the driver, who is suspected of being under the influence of alcohol, fled the scene before eventually being apprehended. “Jacob will be remembered as an affectionate and devoted young man who displayed loyalty towards his family and friends,” expressed his father Steve Lewis on Facebook, while sharing a GoFundMe campaign initiated by their acquaintances. “His final act was to ensure the safety of his sister on a dimly lit street. The enormity of this loss and the void that remains in our hearts cannot be adequately conveyed.” She and Jacob were en-route to their residence following the Houston performance at NRG Stadium when they encountered car difficulties.

Start to about was his love for the musical theater program at University of Houston. Sam, a sophomore, cultivated this love in his second year at the university.

According to Karyn Lewis, Jacob’s mother, she states, “I only have Jacob and April.” “They are my precious children. Since a very early age, he has always been fond of narratives and personalities. When he was a young boy, he would not only wear capes but also various other characters’ costumes. Eventually, he discovered his path towards the theater. It is where he acquired his exceptional leadership skills and made lasting friendships. His talent flourished and he illuminated the stage. And his voice…”

We were just so bonded as siblings. Bancroft, who is my younger sister, says that he only had minor injuries from the accident. The best way to upgrade to being an older sister was when he was born, and he was so sweet from the day he was born. He was just the best brother you could ever have.

The support of Swift’s family has received an overwhelming wave of fans, making moments like this with Jacob’s last hours. It’s the most surreal experience ever,” says Bancroft. “We were five feet away from Taylor Swift for the whole concert. It was the most surreal experience ever,” says Bancroft. “They brought us to the front row and we saw Swift’s mother Andrea there. While they were on the radio, Karyn and Bancroft won tickets to see the show during her 1989 tour in 2015. The next big thing she declared was bringing her self-titled album from 2006 into their house. Steve, who was the first to bring her album into their house, was a big thing. Both Karyn and Bancroft say that listening to Swift has been a bit of a family pastime.”

After Jacob’s passing, nearly all prominent Taylor Swift fan accounts on Twitter have expressed their sympathies to the family and shared the official GoFundMe link within the past four days. As of Sunday morning, the account had collected $440, which was a fraction of its $1,000 target. However, it has now exceeded $100,000, primarily due to numerous $13 contributions made by devoted Swift fans who want to honor and commemorate Jacob.

Bancroft says, “It’s wild to see how many people want to give back instantly, so many people are impacted by Jacob.”

According to Karyn, Jacob’s eagerness to consistently assist those in his vicinity is a reflection of how heartwarming immediate affection can be.

“During this period, there were numerous individuals who were so willing to support us that it was impossible to comprehend. However, those families are certainly a source of comfort and support. Jacob has connected with many families through his interactions at school, which has greatly impacted him. Additionally, he has made efforts to find a way to provide comfort and support to the community, and he would have reached out if anything had happened to him that belonged to any particular fandom,” says Karyn.

Karyn informs Rolling Stone that at the college where he graduated, the family intends to utilize the funds from the GoFundMe campaign to establish a theater scholarship in honor of Jacob. However, the substantial number of contributions they have received has also assisted them in fulfilling a new and continuous desire: paying tribute to Jacob’s lasting impact. Although the Lewis family yearns for the return of their cherished son, it is an unattainable wish.

Karyn says, “My main goal is to keep his memory alive.” “There are students who are able to go to school and do the things he wanted to do.”