He was arrested after the graduation day mass shooting in Richmond. His lawyers will claim self-defense.

Amari Pollard, who is connected to the June 6th mass shooting that occurred outside the Altria Theater in Richmond, had two murder charges that were initially filed against them dismissed by a judge through nolle prosequi, following a request made by the Richmond Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office in RICHMOND, Va.

Pollard, 19, was initially accused of the second-degree homicide of Shawn Jackson, a graduate of Huguenot High, and Renzo Smith, Jackson’s stepfather.

Prosecutors informed the judge on Friday morning that Pollard was initially accused by a magistrate based on the available information on the day of the mass shooting.

The Commonwealth stated that based on the subsequent inquiry, “we do not believe there is sufficient evidence to substantiate the accusations.”

Regarding solely Shawn Jackson, Pollard was charged on Wednesday with a single accusation of premeditated homicide and one accusation of employing a weapon to perpetrate a serious crime.

Attorney Anthony Jason Pollard’s defense stated, “At this point, the Commonwealth has not presented sufficient evidence to prove that Mr. Smith Renzo shot Pollard. Today, we will articulate what we have.”

Anthony informed CBS 6 that when the trial jury goes to the Courthouse, they will claim that Marshall John acted in self-defense outside.

“A big part of what is considered in a self-defense case is who brought the fight. Not who finished it,” he said.

Both Pollard’s family and Jackson’s family were present at the Friday morning hearing in Richmond General District Court.

Bobby Williams Jr., Who is Jackson’s cousin, stated that there is a great deal of strain within their family and they are striving to reconcile with the incidents that took place.

He also responded to the defense’s assertion of acting in self-preservation.

“Each deed has a response. He now has to handle the outcomes of his deeds, consequently. He opted to proceed with it regardless. However, that was not the appropriate time to do so. Amari made a choice to tackle whatever disagreement that was occurring that has been, you know, broadcasted in the media. “Amari Pollard was not a graduate on that specific day. Therefore, Shawn could not have initiated an occasion that he should have been present at,” Williams stated.

Throughout the trial, Pollard’s legal team will need to present and substantiate the argument of self-defense, which is considered an affirmative defense, as stated by CBS 6 Legal Analyst Todd Stone.

Stone stated, “In order for it to be erased, there needs to be enough malevolent intention from the opposing party.” “Basically, the defense will need to demonstrate, in my opinion, that Amari Pollard was confronted with a potentially lethal threat and that he reacted by shooting back at Shawn Jackson. So, if the facts indicate that Amari Pollard retrieved a handgun from his car and returned, it can complicate the assertion of self-defense in that scenario. However, it is certainly not out of the realm of possibility.”

Anthony said, “I can’t comment on what has gone on in court beyond what has been given to us by the Commonwealth. We, as defense attorneys, don’t have access to the police force that we can rely on for information. I’m glad that everyone was privy to what has occurred in court when Pollard asked about the allegation that his car went back to get a gun.”

The investigation into CBS’s ongoing case revealed that multiple individuals, including Smith, could be held accountable or considered responsible for the injuries and death of several people, as reported to prosecutors and the police.

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