Here’s My Honest Review of Jones Road The Mascara

After receiving a free sample from the company, we decided to try out The Mascara on Jones Road. Continue reading for our comprehensive product review.

Mascara is the best tool I could find to enhance my never-ending search for the perfect look on the desert island that is Mascara Jones Road. That’s why it can only be decided based on which mascara could bring out the full glam look for you and put it together in just 30 seconds or less. Stellar mascara can make your makeup appear both natural and glamorous at the same time.

To experiment, I exchanged my regular mascara with Jones Road The Mascara for a duration of one week. In order to test it, I replaced my typical mascara with Jones Road The Mascara for a week. It was founded by the iconic Bobbi Brown, who aimed to develop improved and superior versions of the cosmetics we already incorporate into our daily routines. Although the brand itself is not unfamiliar to me, Jones Road is a new addition.

Continue reading for my sincere opinions.

I was so excited to test drive a new mascara and actually got my hands on a bottle of Latisse, which can give me some extra length and curl to add extra length to my already pretty lashes that have a natural thickness and dark look.

When I want a more dramatic look, Slick Lash Glossier is my favorite for a natural and day-to-day approach, while L’Oréal’s Mascara Paradise Lash Voluminous is my recent favorite for a more pronounced appearance. I love the lifted look of a good curler, so I can skip that step on most days.

The Feel: Bigger-than-average brush

However, I didn’t put in too much effort to immediately get the curl and lift that the same thickness gave my lashes, which also made it harder to get a clump-free look. Instead, I found that coating my lashes with either one or two coats using the curved brush made the application process easier, rather than the unwieldy process of making the application.

Byrdie / Joline Buscemi…

Ingredients: Clean & simple

Some really good ingredients are packed in the tube. The brand claims that sodium hyaluronate and B vitamin, in addition to vitamin E, contribute to the health of lashes. While I haven’t been able to see any direct results from the conditioning formula, it’s great knowing that my mascara is doing something behind the scenes to keep my lashes healthy and long.

The Results: Impressive lift

Being initially impressed by a single swipe holds significance, therefore, when I am in need of purchasing a new tube, I explore various options that capture my attention, experimenting with multiple mascaras.

Right away, my eyelashes were completely covered and lifted without the need for an eyelash curler.

This formula can be applied multiple times to evenly distribute the guarantee that it will always keep the lashes clean. By swiping through my lashes with a brush several times, I can mostly mitigate any clumps and achieve a great, clump-free look. Additionally, this formula is great for adding volume to the lashes, as it can make them appear thicker.

In the future, it is hoped that Jones Road is developing a brown tint. Particularly when paired with the impressive volume it provides to lashes, individuals with light hair and a pale complexion may perceive it as excessively dim or overwhelming. Due to the fact that my lashes and hair already possess a naturally dark tone, I appreciate its high pigmentation. The available shade is exclusively Pitch Black.

After a long day, I was left with only the tiniest bit of raccoon eyes from the shower. It was easy to remove and surprisingly, my mascara stayed impressively intact without flaking. I should also mention that I wore The Mascara all day.

Byrdie / Joline Buscemi…

The Value: A little pricey

I typically don’t think that drugstore mascaras are great enough to spend more than $10 on. This is because the price is usually higher at the end of the market. The Road Jones website sells Mascara for $26.

The packaging of this mascara is heavy and sleek, which justifies its expensive cost. Additionally, the clean and cruelty-free formula gives it worth, along with its pigmentation. Although it is priced at $26, this mascara also has a few bonuses that make it worth the cost.

Overall, if you are looking to treat yourself and splurge a little, I think the Mascara is worth the price.