Ho Chi Mihn Trail in San Diego: Slot Canyon & Waterfall!

I hope you guys are ready for a one of a kind adventure because there are very few hikes like this one!

The sandstone cliff, which overlooks a magnificent waterfall, is a place where you must use a rope to descend onto the luscious little beach below. In order to complete the journey, the sandy and steep cliff must be traversed through a beautiful slot canyon, known as La Jolla Trail or Saigon Trail, named by a local surfer.

Ho Chi Mihn Trail La Jolla Elevation Profile

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9883 La Jolla Farms Road, La Jolla, California 92037.

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  • Ho Chi Minh Trail

    The path starts in a peaceful residential area through a narrow unpaved lane amidst private residences.

    It’s a highly favored route for surfers and those visiting Black Beach.

    Almost immediately, you will admire breathtaking sights of the gorge and the sea.

    The trail that ascends the canyon wall is one of two detours leading up to a viewpoint with stunning views of the beautiful Ocean Pacific.

    When you descend to the bottom of the canyon, you will encounter the notorious boardwalk.

    If you don’t want to risk injury, you can make your way down to the bottom and climb back up on the other side, just above the ground, with only 3-4 feet below. Fortunately,

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    To the left of the starting slot canyon, keep going. This spot is where most people wrongly pick the wrong path.

    However, some individuals, such as myself, deliberately descended to investigate a little further.

    If you decide to climb to the bottom of the first slot canyon shown below, you’ll notice that the tall marking ledge ends and you’ll be enclosed by closing walls.

    To continue on the main trail, you will need to turn around and ascend the same path you came from.

    Now that you’re back on the primary pathway, you’ll promptly reach the renowned narrow gorge where the majority of individuals capture photographs.

    The formations are other worldly, with the top of the slot canyon looking like a human brain (or maybe it’s just me).

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    There it stands, the primary allure.

    The final section of the trail begins, showcasing signs of life as it runs parallel to the creek, adorned with mossy banks and flowing water.

    The conclusion is officially within view.

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    Before climbing down into the canyon, you’ll notice the abundant vegetation surrounding the cliff wall and running water below.

    Oh, it improves.

    To be rewarded with a tropical haven and cascade, you must demonstrate your worth as an adventurer by descending to the shore utilizing a rope that was abandoned by the indigenous people.

    The waterfall, measuring approximately 12 feet, may not appear impressive, but its true value lies in its distinctiveness.

    This hike is truly unique, especially when combined with another extraordinary feature like a slot canyon, as it does here. Very few waterfalls cascade directly onto a beach.

    Have a great time, my buddies.