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Our generous rates are worth a look!

Our knowledgeable bankers will develop a tailored financial strategy for your company that incorporates competitive interest rates for deposit accounts.

Choose a lengthier duration for a greater interest rate, or opt for a 12-month certificate of deposit with a fixed rate to accumulate 4.30% APY*! Money Market accounts are currently providing interest rates of up to 3.70% APY*.

*APY in effect from Apr. 5, 2023.

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Want liquidity and a competitive interest rate?

A DDM account might be a great fit for you, as it offers easy access to your insured funds and an expanded coverage from FDIC, with an APY of 2.78%!

*Current annual percentage yield as of Apr. 5, 2023; rate may be altered.

5 tips for keeping personal information safe online

Targeting small businesses, 43% of cyber attacks are aware that the occurrence of cyber crime and fraudulent occurrences has been on the rise in the banking and retail sectors.

Experienced Bankers. Exceptional Service. Customized Solutions.

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Experienced Bankers. Exceptional Service. Customized Solutions.

Running a business is not easy, as it requires leveraging and maximizing vital resources, making the right choices, and having a well-structured financial foundation. It is crucial to consider your brain as an essential part of your trusted business partner, and your bank should be critical in this regard.

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Northwest Bank is an SBA Preferred Lender

Small Business Administration programs are designed to help otherwise unqualified small businesses obtain financing. As a Preferred Lender, we can assist you in getting a faster and easier decision and guide you through the qualification process.

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Investing In Our Communities

We strongly believe that the success of our community bank depends on the well-being of the communities we serve. Whether through direct financial support or volunteer work, we are deeply invested in the communities where we live and work.