How Big Naturals Conquered the World

At this precise moment on the Jersey shore, we can openly and proudly express our complete obsession with big natural breasts. Although we felt characterized by our love for big breasts in the past, it is clear that they have been commodified and turned into kitschy breast-shaped shot glasses that you can buy at the strip club. Hanging above the shelf are posters of women in push-up bras, showcasing their big breasts. However, it is important to acknowledge that this commodification of breasts is not a new phenomenon. The display at Target now includes leggings that accentuate the butt and pool floats shaped like peach emojis, further commodifying the ass. Despite discussing this issue, it seems that the era of obsessing over the ass is not over.

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The constant reference to a nice pair of natural big knockers is an attempt to strip away the marketing and augmentations of fetishism, in order to truly appreciate what they are for – a beloved, yet normal part of the body. (Although the phrase likely originated in porn)

My feminism? Ironic

My racism? Ironic

My sexism? Ironic

My socialism? Ironic

My love of big naturals? The only genuine thing about me

— andy s (@CIAGoFundMe) September 14, 2017

My big naturals ? from WhitePeopleTwitter

There is something deeply comforting about meeting a significant portion of women in my life who have naturally big assets. I myself have naturally big assets. It is not uncommon for most breast-holders to not have undergone any breast augmentation and have an average bra size of 34DD in the U.S. Of course, the descriptors “natural” and “big” denote a particular type of breast that I love.

my family has also spent four generations perfecting large naturals ?

— rava (@rava) October 16, 2020

trans girls with big naturals, whats it like to be god’s favorite?

— Eva ”Bread Baker Girlfriend” (@ayyy_vuh) June 15, 2020

They loved me and made me feel loved, and all these women had massive jugs. During our winter breaks from freshman year of college, our mothers’ friends mostly let us drink their white boxed zinfandel or chicken nuggets while we grew up into teenagers. Although there is surely a psychoanalytic connection, it’s not specifically about breastfeeding. When I think about being cared for and safe, I think about big naturals.

big naturals are not about corporeal volume. they’re about spiritual, metaphysical presence. a vibe if you will. A cups can be big naturals. are you spreading joy? are you feeling? are you walking the earth with generosity? that’s big naturals baby. go out there and love

— sung ?? (@killdads) June 16, 2020

everyone is mad at me for having big naturals

— Patrick Halloween (@lunch_enjoyer) September 6, 2020

In any case, the breasts symbolize power and visual magnificence, and they are positioned right next to the point. Rather than imagining them to be much larger than their actual size, like the concept of a powerful father figure, it’s more natural to consider them as they are. Maybe their breasts weren’t even naturally big. In retrospect, perhaps we can imagine that most of us can relate to this idea.

Big naturals are the only thing that can save us

— honest jabe (@jaynooch) March 2, 2020

Allow us to imagine for a moment, that we can openly and honestly embrace our natural and generously proportioned bosoms. It seems only fair to grant ourselves permission to do so now. While we should not neglect our love for ample derrières, let us divert our attention towards the attention-grabbing hips and intellectual aspects for a while. In that moment, everything feels both awful and complicated, yet there is something good and simple about having large breasts. It is not only a means of self-soothing, but also a way of expressing self-awareness and claiming ownership of my sexualized features. As an adult, it is not necessary to constantly refer to my own breasts as “naturals big,” but rather acknowledge them as my own.