How Did Prince Die? The Details Behind the Artist’s Drug-Related Death

Still, as we reflect on the events that led to his untimely demise, fans of the Prince still desire to know how did he die and join us in looking back at the series of events and his life.

Prince’s death was caused by a combination of his failing health and the counterfeit pain medication, particularly the deadly drug Fentanyl. It has been reported that the artist did not directly consume the drug.

His demise stunned the globe and brought the increasing epidemic of opioid-linked fatalities into the spotlight.

Levi Seacer and Prince in 2014. Photo by Levi Seacer.

When did Prince pass away?

Paisley Park received an emergency call informing them about an unidentified person who was found unconscious at Prince’s home. The Carver County Sheriff’s Office got the call, but on April 22, Howard Kornfield, an addiction medicine specialist, was scheduled to meet with him. Prince’s death was pronounced on April 21, 2016, at 10:07 AM.

Unfortunately, he was already dead when they arrived. CPR was performed by the emergency responders, but it was not used, as he had been dead for nearly six hours.

What Was Prince’s Age at the Time of His Death?

The music icon died at the age of 57. He was born on June 7, 1958, and died on April 21, 2016.

Where is the Burial Place of Prince?

The body of the Prince was not buried. After an autopsy conducted by Dr. Quinn A. Strobl, his remains were cremated. The ashes were then placed inside a custom 3D printed urn.

The foyer of the Paisley Park compound in October 2016 exhibited the urn that was custom made to resemble the property of Paisley Park.

Was Prince Assassinated?

There are numerous conspiracy theories that allege that Prince was assassinated or took his own life.

However, the official report released by the Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office in Anoka County clearly mentions that there was no sign of foul play or suicide on the body on June 2nd, stating that all of these claims are false.

The singer was set to receive treatment from Kornfield’s son on that very morning. He was the individual who had to make the urgent phone call to the authorities.

Was Prince’s Death Caused by a Drug Overdose?

The medical examiner’s office stated that Prince’s passing at the age of 57 was a result of an accidental fentanyl overdose.

Fentanyl, which resulted in the overdose, reached Prince via counterfeit pills that appeared to be the pain relievers hydrocodone or paracetamol.

The puzzling query is: where did the vocalist acquire the counterfeit medications that ultimately led to his demise?

The investigation came to an end with the person being criminally charged. Additionally, Walgreens, a local pharmacy, was also searched. The police searched his estate and sealed the evidence.

Family of the Prince

Tyka Nelson, his sole and known biological sibling, submitted legal papers in Carver County on April 26, 2016. Prince, who had been divorced twice, did not have a spouse or any offspring at the time of his passing.

Five half-siblings of Prince, along with his sister, claimed a substantial amount of estate and other assets worth millions of dollars. It was mentioned that no will was discovered and a probate case would be initiated.

In the three weeks after his demise, 700 individuals stepped forward asserting to be his half-siblings or offspring.

Prince alive
Prince first visit to Ireland. Photo taken in 2007 by Jimieye.

Prince Tracks That Captivated the Globe

The beginning of Prince’s career was formed as part of the East 94 band, which released many classic tracks before his final albums and before his death. Willie Pepe was also a member of the band.

Rather than requesting another, he pleads with his beloved to accept him. It encompasses intense emotions and fervor, an often overlooked song that serves as his Purple Rain anthem, “The Beautiful Ones”.

“Raspberry Beret” is a sentimental melody that is one of the most flawless pop tunes of its era.

The advisory sticker is definitely in place, however, this song does have a parental advisory. In a hotel lobby, he encounters a girl, which is a classic encounter in Prince’s masterpiece, Nikki Darling.

Disregarding appearance or social standing, the vocalist desires nothing more than the affectionate embrace of their beloved. The pinnacle of Prince’s professional success occurred with the launch of his song “Kiss.”

The singer, who had a great time with someone, utilizes a sports car as a symbol for a woman. The song “Little Red Corvette” represents the 1980s.

Finally, we mention “1999,” which was a party anthem as the clock approached closer to the Year 2000.

The Global Response to the Demise of Prince

Numerous public figures and musicians responded to the passing of Prince.

Prince’s achievements were highly praised, with President Obama, who successfully secured a resolution from the United States Senate, being the most remarkable. The resolution acknowledged him as a musician, composer, trailblazer, and influential figure in society.

On Twitter, the term Prince was also gaining popularity and Facebook stated that there were 61 million engagements on the subject. Numerous bridges, structures, and landmarks were adorned in purple and commemorations and candlelight vigils took place throughout cities in the United States.

MTV also ceased all of its programming and aired Prince music videos consecutively.

In an episode of Saturday Night Live, the show paid tribute to the artist named Prince Sweet by featuring all of his performances from the singer’s show. Goodnight!