How Much of Prime Hydration Does Logan Paul Really Own?

How much of Prime does Logan Paul possess? This question is on everyone’s mind. The collaboration between KSI and Logan Paul, where they promote their energy drink, Hydration Prime, has caught everyone’s attention. Such collaborations have become commonplace in the dynamic world of entertainment and business, where brands and celebrities come together.

The Commencement and Ownership Share

Despite the rumors, it is not exclusively owned by them. According to recent disclosures, both Logan Paul and KSI each hold a 20% share in the company. Prime Hydration swiftly gained popularity in the market after its launch on January 4, 2022.

Primary ownership: Entities other than Logan Paul and KSI. Logan Paul and KSI do not receive any profits according to the most recent information. The total retail sales in the first year amounted to $250 million. KSI owns 20% of the venture while Logan Paul also owns 20%. The launch date is set for January 4, 2022. These are the key details.

The Monetary Aspect

Many may be surprised to learn that despite Prime Hydration’s impressive retail sales surpassing $250 million in the first year, neither Logan Paul nor KSI have personally gained any profits from the brand. While speculation on business strategies or reinvestments is possible, the financial details of the brand remain undisclosed.

Behind the Scenes: The Actual Intellectuals

The dynamics, strategy, and operation involving numerous stakeholders remain a bit of a mystery. KSI and Logan might be the faces promoting the brand, but they are not necessarily the sole brains behind it.

JiDion’s Introduction to the Prime Scene

Recently, JiDion was involved in an intriguing turn of events as a prominent content creator with a strong connection to the brand, emphasizing the need for further collaboration within his team.

Prime’s Rapid Rise to the Top

The successful launch and subsequent demand for Hydration Prime cannot solely be credited to KSI’s Logan popularity. Factors like distinctive packaging and unique taste have played significant roles in the market reception of strategic marketing.

Logan’s Income and Outlook

Paul Logan’s estimated net worth oscillates between $45-50 million as of 2023. In addition to his Hydration Prime venture, he also encompasses MaverickClothing line merchandise and various other business undertakings.

Resolving the Misunderstandings Regarding Ownership

Other important stakeholders are involved in the business, as evidenced by their equal ownership of 20% each, despite the common belief that Logan Paul and KSI are the exclusive owners of Prime Hydration.

The Relationship Between Prime and the UFC

In regards to prominence and market acquisition, these partnerships are sure to elevate the brand to unprecedented levels. Recent advancements have unveiled Prime Hydration’s affiliation with UFC as its endorsed sponsor.

Safety Issues Related to Prime

Consumer safety is ensured by the commitment of the brand. Senator Chuck Schumer has recently called for concerns regarding the suitability of Prime Hydration, especially under the scanner.


1. What was the launch date of Prime Hydration? Prime Hydration was released to the market on January 4, 2022.

2. What portion of Prime does Logan Paul possess? Logan Paul possesses around 20% of Prime Hydration.

Has KSI or Paul Logan made any profit from Prime Hydration venture? No, not yet, what is the latest information?

Apart from JiDion, KSI, and Paul Logan, are there any other stakeholders associated with the brand and introduced as a member of the “Prime Squad” by the company?

The journey of the brand in the market will undoubtedly be watched, and it will continue to thrive. The financial operations and ownership intricacies of the brand are multifaceted. KSI and Paul Logan play a pivotal role in the market persona of Hydration’s Prime, leading to the conclusion.