How to select a title in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 selecting a title for character profile

I am here to explain how to customize your character’s emblem and title in Diablo 4, which is something that had stumped me for a while as I was never actually told how or what all that means. However, you’ll see notifications on the confirming screen that new titles have been awarded to you as you progress through various challenges and quests in Diablo 4. And there is a quick way of letting other players know what sort of character you are, allowing you to select a title in Diablo 4.

How to select a Diablo 4 title and emblem

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While traversing Sanctuary, your fellow players will observe the title you have chosen displayed above your character. Afterwards, utilize the Confirm prompt to finalize your decision once you are content with it. The remaining titles that remain locked will be followed by the titles you have unlocked, arranged in alphabetical order at the top of each list. From here, you have the option to choose your title by selecting the Prefix and Suffix. If you opt to follow the Edit prompt at the bottom while on the Profile screen, you will be directed to the Edit Profile page. Beneath your name, in the upper left corner, select the Profile option to access the Character/Inventory screen and pick a Diablo 4 title.

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To add extra customization to your profile, there is another way, but it won’t be visible as your title. However, you will be able to decorate your social card with it and then be able to see all the unlocked emblems by selecting one. To do this, move across to the Emblem tab at the top of the Profile Edit screen – the same way emblem 4 Diablo works: by selecting it.

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