Hunter Biden, baby mama Lunden Roberts settle child support dispute

As per a reliable insider, Hunter Biden and his child’s mother have resolved their disagreement over child support in Arkansas through a private settlement.

Lunden Roberts, the mother of Hunter’s previously unacknowledged 4-year-old daughter, who is 32 years old, consented to reducing her monthly child support payments of $20,000 last week in Little Rock when she appeared in person for his deposition.

Clint Lancaster, the lawyer, informed his client on Thursday that the final terms were still to be determined and declined to confirm the agreed upon reduced monthly payment of $5,000.

Hunter stated that on July 11, he would find himself once again in an Arkansas court, and the disclosure of information regarding the settlement would disrupt negotiations. He cautioned that these financial terms should never be revealed, as the case remains confidential.

Hunter Biden and his baby mama Lunden Roberts have privately settled their child support dispute.
Hunter Biden and his baby mama Lunden Roberts have privately settled their child support dispute.
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Roberts with her 4-year-old daughter Navy Joan.
Roberts with her 4-year-old daughter, Navy Joan.

During Hunter’s deposition last week, Lancaster emphasized the significance of Lunden’s presence. However, we are apprehensive that Hunter might exploit the settlement to further his own agenda… Settlement negotiations often involve hidden complexities that escape public awareness. I am convinced that the settlement holds great importance for Hunter Biden.

Hunter, aged 53, initially declined to acknowledge his role in fathering Navy Joan Roberts, but a DNA test conducted in 2019 verified that he was indeed the biological parent of the child.

He caught everyone’s attention when he arrived in town on a friend’s exclusive airplane, claiming financial difficulties, but he actually requested a lower amount for his child support payments from a court in Batesville, Arkansas last year.

Biden’s child support payments were reportedly slashed from $20,000 to $5,000 per month.

Lancaster expressed, “However, I believe everyone is let down by the lack of communication [with the Biden family]. They admire her and will continuously stand by her… They are an extremely tight-knit family. The child receives abundant affection from the mother’s relatives in Batesville. Lunden is an exceptional mother and little Navy will thrive.”

The attorney continued, expressing, “With the exception of Navy, she mentioned all of her children, but she could have stopped there. Jill Biden authored a book for children and devoted it to her grandchildren. This fact is not overlooked by anyone.”

“They placed stockings for the canine during the Christmas season but not for Navy. That is one of the most sorrowful aspects.”

To demonstrate his recently acquired destitution, Lancaster requested the presiding judge to incarcerate the son of the president for disrespect after he was unable to present all the monetary records they requested during heated legal debates.

During his time in college, Roberts crossed paths with Hunter in 2017 at the strip club Mpire in Washington, DC, where she performed as a dancer using the stage name “Dallas”.

While Hunter was simultaneously involved in a romantic relationship with his deceased brother’s wife, Hallie, she was hired by the Biden scion’s business and remained on the payroll for a period of nine months.

In his memoir, “Beautiful Things,” Hunter asserted that he had “no memory of our meeting.”

President Biden and his wife Jill Biden have yet to acknowledge their seventh grandchild.

The Biden family has never acknowledged Navy Joan.
The Biden family has never acknowledged Navy Joan.
Lunden Roberts/Facebook

On the same day, Delaware federal prosecutors announced that Hunter had agreed to plead guilty to federal tax charges as part of a deal with the Department of Justice, indicating that it is likely that he will be kept in jail.

In 2017 and 2018, Biden’s son will plead guilty to misdemeanor charges for intentionally not paying federal income tax. This is part of the agreement, along with participating in a pre-trial diversion program for a felony gun possession offense.

The investigation into Hunter, which brought charges against him, focused largely on the money he received from business interests overseas. The outcome of this five-year investigation was condemned by Republicans, who saw it as a slap on the wrist.