Hunter Biden spotted on sushi date with wife Melissa Cohen in Beverly Hills

Melissa Cohen, the South African filmmaker and wife of Hunter Biden, was spotted over the weekend in Beverly Hills, a celeb-obsessed neighborhood, at Matsuhisa, a trendy and upscale Japanese sushi bar. They were seen mingling with friends at this rare public outing, likely a welcome distraction from the intense scrutiny of their son’s first business dealings overseas, which is currently under investigation by federal authorities.

Hunter, wearing a scruffy combo of pants and a jean jacket, snapped the camera in front of him, looking wildly uncomfortable, like the start of a mustache or beard and a cap.

President Joe Biden and Hunter’s father, Republicans seek to utilize him as a weapon to cause difficulties for the chief executive, nevertheless, Hunter Biden, who is 53 years old, has successfully remained unnoticed by the general public.

Hunter Biden is seen cinching his belt outside a Beverly Hills eatery
Hunter Biden appears to adjust his belt for the sushi bar outing.

Hunter secretly tied the knot with Cohen in 2019; the couple welcomed a son whom they named after Hunter’s late brother, Beau.

Hunter’s previous marital happiness was with Kathleen Buhle; with whom he had three children prior to their divorce in 2017.

The liaison concluded around 2019. The younger Biden had a short romantic relationship with Hallie Olivere Biden – the spouse of his older brother, after Beau Biden passed away in 2015.

Hunter is snapped in jean jacket and pants and a cap outside a Beverly Hills eatery
Hunter Biden and his wife were seen with friends at the swanky Beverly Hills restaurant.
Hunter looks around as photos are taken of him
Hunter Biden is not often spotted in the public eye.
Hunter avoids looking directly at the camera outside a Beverly Hills eatery
The first son has had to contend with congressional Republicans eager to dig up dirt on his past that could be used against his father.

Last month, a proposed plea agreement for Hunter Biden in a Delaware court fell apart due to two federal misdemeanor charges related to intentional non-payment of federal income taxes.

The agreement was coupled with a pretrial diversion deal for the felony charge of illegal possession of a firearm while addicted to illicit drugs.

The prosecution and the defense discovered daylight and raised constitutional concerns regarding the agreement, supervised by US District Judge Maryellen Noreika, a Trump nominee who presided over the hearing.

Hunter looks around outside a trendy eatery in Beverly Hills
Hunter Biden has a total of five children.

The lawyers of younger Biden seemed to be under the impression that his activities overseas could be related to potential charges from the continued federal government probe, and they believed he would be off the hook for other related charges.

On August 11, US Attorney General Merrick Garland granted David Weiss, a special counsel with legal expertise in firepower investigation, the authority to investigate the person in question, David Weiss, in the Hunter Biden case, as a result of added legal firepower.

James Comer, the Chairman of the Congressional Oversight Committee led by Republicans (R-Ky.), Is spearheading efforts to investigate the potential and overseas activities of the Biden family, which compliments the ongoing inquiry.

Hunter is seen outside a Beverly Hills restaurant

The White House has been accused by Abbe Lowell, the top lawyer of Hunter Biden, of distorting his record and strongly believes that his client should not be subjected to any further charges.

Prosecutors emphasized that there will be no new evidence found to support the charges and that they are relying on the facts to build their case. This information was conveyed by the CBS show “Face the Nation” earlier this month.