‘I’m Only a Kid,’ Karon Blake Cried After Being Shot. DC Employee Charged With 13-Year-Old’s Murder

As per court records and Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Contee, the D.C. Government worker who discharged his weapon at 13-year-old Karon Blake while the latter exclaimed “I’m merely a child” earlier this month surrendered on Tuesday to confront a charge of second-degree murder.

According to court documents, the suspect, Blake, yelled “I’m sorry” 12 times in the direction described as integral to the investigation, while being fired upon in the video surveillance.

Jason Lewis, aged 41, appeared in court on Tuesday afternoon, where he was ordered to be held without bond for his scheduled court appearance on Feb. 13. He is charged with second-degree murder while being armed.

Court records indicate that Lewis fired at Blake on Quincy Street NE in the Brookland community at approximately 4 a.M. On Saturday, Jan. 7 after perceiving sounds and observing an individual who seemed to be “interfering with a car.”

According to the arrest warrant, Lewis discovered three shell casings. Witnesses informed the police that they heard four to five gunshots during the event, as stated in the arrest warrant for Lewis. Contee stated that Lewis aimed at Blake before shooting at a “escape car”. As per the authorities, Lewis discharged his firearm after exiting the premises while carrying a gun that was registered legally.

Lewis shooting his firearm at the “escaping car” once and at Blake twice is captured on the surveillance footage examined by D.C. Authorities and referenced in the arrest warrant.

During Lewis’ first court hearing on Tuesday, the judge stated that Lewis seemed to be the instigator.

Both households were present in the courtroom and both chose not to provide any statements afterwards.

According to court records, there were three vehicles on the street with windows that were either damaged or shattered. Contee verified on Tuesday that a cluster of “youths” were utilizing torches and “entering” vehicles on the street during the early morning of January 7th.

The arrest warrant mentioned by the police referred to two individuals, one of whom was Blake. These two people were seen getting out of a parked car near the scene, where three cars with flashlights were going up. The surveillance footage was reviewed by the police.

Authorities discovered a stolen vehicle in close proximity to the location, which they suspect Blake had utilized, law enforcement officials stated earlier.

“Hello! What are you all engaged in?” He inquired, Lewis informed law enforcement, as per documented records. There was no immediate clash or verbal interaction between Lewis and Blake, Contee stated.

The surveillance footage mentioned in Lewis’s warrant contained audio of him exiting his home, yelling “Hey,” as well as footage of two young men.

Contee said that the first gunshot was fired at the vehicle that appeared to be the getaway. The surveillance footage mentioned in the warrant also showed Lewis shooting in the direction of that vehicle.

As per the arrest warrant, the individual in question swiftly returned to the automobile right before it commenced moving backward. Contee mentioned that the vehicle proceeded to reverse into the narrow passageway, yet it seemed plausible that Blake was attempting to find his way back to the vehicle.

“At a certain moment,” Contee mentioned, Blake rushed towards Lewis. It’s uncertain whether Blake was aware of Lewis’s location, Contee stated.

Contee stated, “It’s dim outside; it’s 4 o’clock in the morning.” “Furthermore, while conducting our inquiry, we encountered some inconsistencies there as we discovered, once again, the details that were initially relayed to us. The initial conversation we had with Mr. Lewis did not encompass the initial discharge of a firearm towards the escaping car.”

According to the reviewed police surveillance footage, Lewis fired his weapon in Blake’s direction more than twice, leading to the arrest warrant.

Blake, who yelled “I am a kid” and “I am only 12”, was arrested multiple times according to the arrest warrant. There are numerous instances captured in the surveillance audio footage where Blake can be heard yelling “No” and “Please don’t”. Additionally, two shots were fired after those incidents.

At a medical facility, Blake passed away shortly thereafter. The individual, presently recognized as Lewis, administered cardiopulmonary resuscitation to Blake following the shooting incident, as stated by the authorities.

On Tuesday, Contee expressed, “I deeply feel that it is truly something, particularly the experience of a child, especially when we go through moments of loss.”

The decision on whether to bring any charges would rest with the Office of the Attorney General, but Contee appealed to anyone who was present with Blake during that evening to step forward.

“In my evaluation, these young individuals require assistance from someone,” Contee stated.

Case Brought Before Grand Jury; Lewis’ Lawyer Says Shooting Is a ‘Tragedy’ But Not a Crime

Contee stated earlier this month that a grand jury was called together to examine the case.

The individual involved is an African American, and those accusations were untrue. Contee stated that innocent individuals who were implicated in the murder were being targeted on social media with circulating photographs, and people were making allegations based on race.

In the preceding month, Contee declared, “That is not the matter at hand. Typically, we refrain from disclosing the identities of individuals … In such comparable circumstances unless we possess a legal authorization for that individual, or unless there is an individual whom we are attempting to ascertain and whose identity remains unknown to us.” I believe that the conduct I am witnessing is becoming increasingly careless and perilous.

Lewis was put on administrative leave from his municipal position following the shooting, according to officials from the District of Columbia.

“According to Lewis’ attorney’s statement on Tuesday, Mr. Lewis asserts his innocence. The attorney expressed confidence that once every detail is considered, a jury will conclude that no wrongdoing took place. Although this is undeniably a heartbreaking event.”

Mr. Lewis, who is deeply saddened by the death of Karon’s family and other loved ones, has devoted his career to supporting and mentoring youth in the District of Columbia. He emphasizes in his ongoing statement how distraught he is.

The law firm hired by Blake’s family is Johnny Cochran’s. News4 has contacted them for a statement.

‘Karon Should Be Alive Today,’ DC Council Member Says

Blake attended Brookland Middle School.

Kerry Richardson, Principal of Brookland Middle School, expressed, “He is survived by his mother and three younger siblings. He particularly cherished the environment provided by Brookland MS (both the faculty and his peers) and his beloved neighborhood. Additionally, he had a deep passion for fashion and football. He was a curious and introspective student.”

During a vigil earlier this month, Blake was commemorated as the “kindest lad” in his class who brought laughter to his siblings.

The death prompted safety advocates and members of the D.C. Council to question the justification for using lethal force.

“Possessions are not more valuable than life. Karon should still be alive today,” D.C. Council member Christina Henderson tweeted.

Parker, a representative of Ward 5, issued a statement stating, in part, “No car or material possession is worth a life – regardless of the situation. The person responsible for Karon’s death should be held responsible by the MPD and the U.S. Attorney’s office. The residents of Ward 5 stand with me in demanding this.”

Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington D.C. Stated, “It is appropriate to make a 911 call. If you feel there is a public safety issue in your surroundings or vicinity, please call 911.”